I'm looking for information or feedback from members who have worked with their employer (or with companies) who have changed their corporate stance on concealed carry in the workplace.

I've made my way through many of the treads on this subject but most deal with the various state laws and should you or shouldn't you etc.

I am in leadership at a smaller company (100 employees) in the state of Michigan. Recently we've had some disgruntled ex-employees making threats to various people still at the company. This includes threats posted on Facebook, and also visits to the area just off the premises of our facility.

In this instance we followed protocol and notified authorities etc...but as a management team we are faced with an opportunity to discuss this issue on a higher level.

Most of my colleagues are fairly neutral on gun issues some aren't. No idea where our GM or HR Managers stand. Before I approach my team members I thought I'd throw this out here and get some feedback from you all.

If there are any articles or documentation on this subject I'd appreciate that too.