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WARNING: Gun must be empty and chamber open (Gun Stores/Ranges)

This is a discussion on WARNING: Gun must be empty and chamber open (Gun Stores/Ranges) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The store I frequent has a sign that says "All NON-CONCEALED guns must be unloaded and checked at the front counter." They obviously don't want ...

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Thread: WARNING: Gun must be empty and chamber open (Gun Stores/Ranges)

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    The store I frequent has a sign that says "All NON-CONCEALED guns must be unloaded and checked at the front counter." They obviously don't want people carrying in loaded guns for sale or service, which I am fine with. The shop is 100% pro CCW.

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    I'm in MN also, and I've seen a few signs that discuss gun state at entryways that also say "This does not apply to CCW Permit Holders".

    My understanding of the law (in MN) is that permit holders are exempt from many related weapon/firearm laws, such as the Minneapolis city ban on knives of a certain length (I believe 3") - permit holders are not subject to that restriction.

    However, if it's a privately owned public place such as a store, I'd clarify it with the management. One pistol range here is clear about the rules; CCW should be concealed in the common area, and no drawing to fire nor cross-draw or shoulder holsters on the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Who is the sign addressing? All the customers and visitors I would presume...

    Either ignore the sign...it means nothing, or find another gun shop/range to spend your money at (which would be my option).
    I agree; all customers and visitors.
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    WARNING: Gun must be empty and chamber open (Gun Stores/Ranges)

    I went to the store the other day, looking for a new holster. I wanted to see how the fit was with their display guns in a holster. I told the guy, I had mine already holstered and I wasn't planning on drawing mine. He did not care and it was no big deal. There are so many signs everywhere that they become "invisible". I feel that as long as my lawful gun is concealed I am good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigel42 View Post
    They do not have the authority to disarm you, only to ensure you are not armed before entering the gun show. Its true in Florida "No Gun" signs have no legal standing, but the owner of a establishment has the right to request you are unarmed. If you do not unarm it's trespassing.

    I prefer this and personally respect "no gun" signs. It's 10 times better then say the 30.06 signs in Texas.
    EDIT: We also have the right to take our business elsewhere.
    OK, thanks.
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    Most of the stores I go to tell me to keep my pistol in holster and not to mess with it. If go to a store thats new to me I ask whats the SOP for CCW.

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    If your taking a gun to be repaired, traded, or fixed it should be empty prior to arriving at the gun store. If your wearing it and it will not be out of your holster while in the store, keep it holstered and loaded. If your asked to leave, do your shopping elsewhere.
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    I ask the guy behind the counter at a store here in CO about the sign. He said "How would I know if you were carrying concealed" then laughed. It was only for NON-CCW. They have a range at the store plus ppl trying out holsters etc.

    The Sportsman's Warehouse had signs on the floor around the holsters that said if you wanted to try the fit on your CCW to take the holster to the gun counter and they would help you unload and try it. They just don't want you trying out a new holster with a loaded firearm. You would be surprised how many ppl would try.

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    Either usually do not go there unless I use a less obvious from of concealed carry or shooting at the range. There are also some gun shops that says unloaded weapons but are not specific. If that is the case, I download my gun in my car from condition 1 to condition 3 prior to entering the store. When I return to my car, I go back to condition 1.

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    The best source of reload supplies near me is posted.

    I gave them one of the VCDL's I'll "respect you wishes by taking our business elsewhere, today and in the future" cards.

    From time-to-time I send a copy of receipts from competitors with a note that I was passing by and saw he was still posted.

    If he doesn't want my business, I'll shop elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDRGlock View Post
    If you are carrying concealed and walk into a gun store, who is this sign supposed to be addressing? The person bringing their gun into the range? Yes. The person wanting to trade or sell a gun? Yes. The person wanting the gunsmith to add sights, do trigger work, or refinish the slide? Yes.

    How about someone who is carrying concealed? I would think, No. How about that same person shooting at the range? Again. I would say No.

    What is the right answer for my questions regarding the person with a concealed carry license?
    I would agree on all of the above..... Bass Pro has a similar but it does not include the conceal... it is for those having their guns trade or repair.....
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    All the local shops I buy from I can carry in. If I can't carry I don't spend my money there.
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    In FL the sign means nothing. You can go ahead in but they can ask you to leave if they notice you carrying (stay concealed). Generally they won't. A local shop by me recently posted up these signs to deter some people. The people who stay concealed just walk in knowing the laws in FL. They're playing with the fact that most people don't know the laws and will disarm in their vehicle. The owner and a couple employees told me that they had a couple of what they called "bros" who came in and had just obtained their permit. They each preceded to pull out their guns to show off as if it was show and tell. They didn't appreciate being swept with a loaded pistol, so the place was locked down and police called to take them away.

    At gun shows it's a different category, but FL law says in section 790.06 under the heading Places Off-Limits Even With A Permit/License "any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms;"

    Now what does that mean? I'm no lawyer but it says to me that you can carry into the gun show legally but they can also ask you to leave the building they're using if they choose to.
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    My local range has same thing. They are good people-have had issues with idiots that proceed to take loaded guns out loaded...that might have accidentally gotten pointed at someone (this is sometimes crowded place) in the showroom. Once they know you and if you have a HCP (TN doesn't have a CCW), they don't mind HCP carry guns loaded at all...as long as they are "kept hostered" until on the firing range away from the lobby where someone could get hurt by careless handling/unloading of a firearm. Accidents do happen, suppose someone drops a gun that is loaded and it discharges, striking a kid? Their philosophy is safety. If they see it, they like to see it's locked open and safe until in an area that bullets cannot hurt a bystander. Yes, it is probably an insurance issue. They also have double doors to the range. you must allow the first to close (like an airlock) and then open the other to minimize the noise in the lobby. Just basic common sense stuff.

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    Here , any places that have such a sign ... have these words at the bottom

    "This does NOT apply to CC holders, and CC holders are welcome".

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