New cwl , and obligatory Wally trip

New cwl , and obligatory Wally trip

This is a discussion on New cwl , and obligatory Wally trip within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; well i just got mine last week , 84 days after submiting it and reprints . i went to a couple of convenance stores the ...

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Thread: New cwl , and obligatory Wally trip

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    New cwl , and obligatory Wally trip

    well i just got mine last week , 84 days after submiting it and reprints . i went to a couple of convenance stores the feed store, and a garage sale . then yesterday i went and made my wally trip . went to the one i rarely visit , they only have a subway, no mickey d's. so i bought some deli chicken and potato wedges , then in order to eat in subway i bought one of their small drinks and a dollars worth of oatmeal raisen cookies. so i eat my food at the back of the shop watching the customers shop ww .

    now back in store kids hook up with me ,teenagers,we discuss options and battle plan , utoh chicken or oatmeal kicking in. see ya watch out , going to the restrooms .

    its hot down here in okie land 96F, but i wear bluejeans and slipon cowboy workboots and due to waste line ,belt and suspenders for the weight of the gun . with a tshirt under suspenders and a covershirt over all of it . i'm too young for suspenders so i've hid them this way for a while since putting on weight , as i do with bibs . a dickies workshirt is square cut long tail and heavy material works well as cover . plus me being a mechanic doesn't look out of place , yesterday i wore a hawaiian shirt me being a bearded long hair that doesn't look out of place and plus i frequent the carib .

    so back to the restroom anyway boot inside leg is new holster when indisposed .

    also got comfortable enough to shop for mirrors next to wall clocks ,avoiding mirrors is a give-a-way as well . anyway daughter has her birthday money spent up i'm sorta comfy so it's checkout time . as we get to the doors which buy the way slide open buy their selfs opening a 8 foot expanse making any sign reading near impossable, the alarms go off on this father and son , we wait till they reset then we pass without incident . the sam's choice machine is a quandry but i get sucked in every time . this time help in an orange ww shirt not seen before , tells me they're having trouble with it even though it is freshly loaded, and the manager with keys is off duty today. and i would have to go to the service desk for a refund .

    it's only a quarter right , so back in i go, leaving kids robbing the crane machine . and stand in line behind two partys at the service desk . look up at the wall i don't show on the camera monitor, good thing i came in here get to look at myself on tv . get my refund think ok the machines are recently stocked lets exit the other side , being service desk is closer over there anyway . so in goes their quarter make my full flavored selection . recieve ice-cold pop and dime and nickle . cool 10cent pop day ! in goes my quarter , though i just recieve my selection however ice-cold . later i wonder if i'm some kind of candid camera test subject . will he wont he look this dude rules ,lol so i'm paranoid right ? geesh i carry a gun duh .

    anyway exit this side testing my kids survivorability , walk the outside front of the building, weirdo intiates "hows it going" routine answer deadendedly keep walking , walk past the kids exit ,notice boy has back against wall inside exit doors watching all points of entry . immediatly sees me and alerts sis who has been successfull at the machine. told ya they was robbers .

    we debrief in car on way home they think my candid camera story to be funny, though hopefully tucked in somewhere to be aware and that i'm not completely

    thanks for your help and guidance i think yall made the transition more painless


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    Well way to go Elance!!!

    When I first went into Wally World in Arkansas, I felt like everyone was staring at me. lol...

    What got my heart pumping was when I went into a video store and as soon as I went through the doors the alarm went off. They asked me if I had a video to return and I didn't but later I found out that it was going off by itself even without no one around. LOL...

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of concealed carry. Glad the WW trip went well.
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Good job ELANCE.
    One shot. One kill.

    Primary Carry - Taurus PT-111 Mil Pro 9mm DAO with 12 + 1 in the pipe. Holstered in a Brigade OWB M2.

    Secondary Weapon - Taurus PT1911 5" 45acp SA with 8+1. Holstered in a Kydex paddle.

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    remember being scared as i entered holy wood vidio because i thiought the alarm might be trigerd buy my gun lol congrats on your ccw

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    It takes a while to be comfortable carrying, but Wally world does seem to put ya at ease. so many folks around, and no one notices.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

    Nemo Me Impune Lacesset

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    Haha - the initiation has been carried out!

    Good on ya dude - it all gets easier from now on - but as I say so very often - carry with responsibility, and pride too.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Good trip. Inside the boot is a good idea when <ahem> seated...
    eschew obfuscation

    The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. SgtD

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    tulsa ok
    thanks all ,been wearin all weekend even here at the house .
    yep knight i practiced that before it became needed , i think next time on inside soft side though would be better . lol
    i see where i'm lacking on some gear but thats in the works .
    again thanks yall


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    Congrats elance, sounds more exciting than my first wally world trip.
    First rule of a gunfight: Carry a gun

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    Sounds like you did it right.

    As time goes on and you carry more often the easier it will get.
    You get more used to the gun, its weight, your holsters (yes holsters cause you will go thru several until you find the "right" one),
    positioning etc. BTDT on all of this LOL

    Be safe and Aware,

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    I went to wally world, armed. Wanted to run a blood pressure check, took off my jacket and lo and behold, NO ONE NOTICED my Glock 27 tucked inside my belt holster. I wrapped the jacked around me, finished the BP check, re-jacketed and left. I really forgot the firearm was there. People just don't notice.

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    Enjoyed the narrative Elance. Takes a while to truly be comfortable.

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