Westward Ho to Oregon?

Westward Ho to Oregon?

This is a discussion on Westward Ho to Oregon? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Folks, the Lord might be leading me to Oregon. Not sure, just praying and checking out a door that might be opening. I've checked carry ...

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Thread: Westward Ho to Oregon?

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    Westward Ho to Oregon?

    Folks, the Lord might be leading me to Oregon. Not sure, just praying and checking out a door that might be opening. I've checked carry laws in Oregon and it appeas they're a must issue state after you've lived there 12 months and become a resident.

    I just wanted to check with the group so see if any of you carry in Oregon or have knowledge about carrying in the state. Does appear it would be easier to conceal in that state since you'd have a jacket on more often than not

    Bad part would be my bike. I commute to work every day/year round on my bike but I pretty sure it would be parked a good part of the year there. The area I might be going to is around Medfor Oregon.

    Love to hear from any of you who know that area.

    God Bless

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    Oregon Carry

    I live in Oregon and the laws are pretty easy here. You can pretty much carry anywhere you want, bars, school grounds, etc. Some colleges frown on it, but hey, you can't have everything.

    Where did you find the 12month resident thing? I have never heard of that. It states 'resident' from my knowledge?


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    Welcome Gideon, I think I've seen you at TPI or WT perhaps?

    I live in the Medford area and it's not as rainy as you think (at least in S. Oregon).

    Good to hear from another 'brother'.
    Seek safety at the heart of danger.

    Live Easy, Die Hard

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    Oregon law states that you only need to have a "principle residence" before you apply, there is no six or twelve month wait unless you are a non-citizen or legal alien. Principle residence must be a physical location not a P.O. box. You must be 21, your application has to be made to the county in which you reside, you must demonstrate competence with a handgun meaning a NRA approved class, hunters safety class where handgun training was part of the class or DD-214 that shows handgun training (not small arms) and you will need three names, addresses, phone #s etc, of folks that will vouch for you. Oregon does not recognize any other state permits and showing another states permit will not cover the required training. County Sheriffs do the processing and are allowed 60 days to issue. Our laws are pretty flexible as to where you can/cannot carry and our permits are for handguns only. All this info was taken from a book called "Understanding Oregon's Gun Laws" which is available for purchase on the internet and I would recommend that you buy one if you intend to become a resident. One thing, our employment situation here sucks! I would not advise packing up and moving here until you have a solid job offer. Good luck and feel free to contact me for any info about our state or it's laws.

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    Thanks for all of the replies!!!! I think the 12 month thing was something on a state site that talked about residency but it may have been to qualify for lower tuition at a community college.

    Q-Ball, If I have more questions, I'll have to pm you. And to torrejon224, thanks for the watch out on employment. I'm actually just starting discussions with a company called Certainteed in White City. Not sure if it'll work out or not. I did find what I think may be a good church in the Medford area. That's actually every bit as important to me as the job. I'd never consider the move unless the Lord's in it and I have the job in writting.

    The fishing and hunting sounds really good in that part of the state and it sounds like a nice place for the family. Seems like the cost of living is highter though.

    Is there good access to public hunting? I've heard that out west public access to anything is very limited!

    We'll, I'm glad to hear that the carry laws are good!

    God Bless all


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