Michigan questions

Michigan questions

This is a discussion on Michigan questions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been carrying for a few months now and I have a few "dumb questions". I appreciate your insight. I know the answer to this one ...

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Thread: Michigan questions

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    Michigan questions

    Been carrying for a few months now and I have a few "dumb questions". I appreciate your insight.

    I know the answer to this one but thought crossed my mind. I was in line behind a LEO at a gas station this afternoon. I didn't notify based on me not being "stopped". There wasn't a word spoken between us. So, I don't believe that I had to notify. Correct me if I am wrong. Is there ever a reason to notify without being stopped or questioned? I thought that he was looking at me funny when I went to my car but I know that I wasn't printing.

    Also, I recently spoke with a LEO friend who was off duty and in a different jurisdiction from where we were. I wasn't carrying but if I was should I have notified him? He doesn't know that I have a CPL.

    And . . . I noticed a no weapons sign that just popped up at one of my customer sites. I carry every day and that facility is in a horrible part of town. I have been removing my weapon and locking it in my trunk before entering the parking lot, even though it says that weapons are prohibited on the grounds. I must carry through that city. A flat tire in that neighborhood and I am a dead man unarmed. Where would I store my weapon if I am prohibited from entering their parking lot armed? Am I putting myself in harms way from a legal stand point? I do agree with the theory of judged by 12 rather then carried by 6.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Well I may not be the best source of info but that was one of the questions I asked during my class. "If I am behind or in front of an leo at a store or eatery etc. do I need to inform him of my carry status?" The instructor ( a current LEO) stated that no unless you have been stopped and are not free to go i.e. traffic stop being questioned about an incident etc. (basically if you ask "am I free to go" and they say no) then you have to notify. But I personally think it is unwise and wasteful of the LEO's time to just walk up to everyone you meet and say I have a cpl I'm carrying [insert location]. Now the same instructor said that if you can wash the badge with the shirt aka rentacop don't tell em jack they don't need to know if you have a broken spork on you. Basically REAL LEO stops you and you are NOT free to go declare you are carrying and even if you aren't declare you are a cpl holder and aren't carrying. If its a security guard or a rentacop do NOT tell them anything they don't need to be privy to that info. Hope that helps like I said don't even carry yet (darn late in th year bdays) but I did just take my class in January and did look at my notes before answering this.

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    +1^^ also,Its up to you if you want you LEO friend to know...

    There about 5 people know that i CCing , as for place that have signs about no guns, If your CCing and the only thing they can do is ask you to leave, If its your job,then the question is whats more,pay check,safety...??

    My job doesnt know nor will i tell them..If they find out i know i'll be fired..So be it.
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    In Michigan you only need to notify LEO if you are dealing with him in an official capacity(traffic stop, investigation or any other contact).

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    You can CC at the places with the "no weapons signs" but if an employee asks you to leave because of the firearm, then you must. If your asked to leave and you don't then you are trespassing. If it is just a little gas station that is against CC, I would take my business else where, only After a conversation with the store owner like this.

    me:"hello sir I saw your sign in the window there, and since bad guys don't follow the law/rule I will be taking my business else where. If you think a sign in the window is going to keep you from being robbed or shot at, you are gravely mistaken. Your only making law abiding citizens an easier target with that sign, because your taking away their means of defense."
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    I have yet to see a no-CC sign in MI, so you MUST be working in a rough area. In that case, concealed is concealed.
    No need to run up to every cop you see and say, "Hello, i have a gun.", as that might cause more trouble than anything else. It's one of those things where you'll know when you should show it, and when you don't need to. If nothing else, all it takes is to flash them your CPL and they'll handle it from there.

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    In SC we only notify when stop or confronted by an officer.
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