Today's encounter with LEO

Today's encounter with LEO

This is a discussion on Today's encounter with LEO within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So today I was on my way to pick up a check (always a good thing), when I was stopped by Farmer's Branch PD. I ...

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Thread: Today's encounter with LEO

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    So today I was on my way to pick up a check (always a good thing), when I was stopped by Farmer's Branch PD.
    I was at a light and saw the PD had a motorcycle stopped in a church parking lot just up the street. The light turns green and as I pull away, the PD walks out in the street and points at my truck and motions me into the church lot. I have no idea why he's stopping me.
    He walks up and I have my DL and permit out the window. He says "You know both of those lanes are turn only..." Oops! He studies the permit, then hands it back and says "You can keep this." Takes my DL back to his car, returns a few minutes later and says "Since you have a clean driving record, we're going to give you a break today." I say thanks and drive away. Never asked for registration/insurance info or about the weapon. Once he saw the permit, it was all good.
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    glad it went smooth and he didnt feel the need to disarm you and extend the stop for a long time :)
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    Nice stop, now go buy a lottery ticket...
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    You are a lucky person
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    Happy everything turned out ok!
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    As it should be... now pay closer attention to the lane markings
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    Good job!

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    The one time I was stopped while armed the officer asked if I had any weapons (FL doesn't require notification). I said yes and I have a concealed permit. He asked for my permit, looked at it and said "what do you carry?" I told him I had a Glock 23, he said "nice, that's my duty weapon. Just keep it holstered and your hands on the wheel please." After a few min he walked back and said "Thanks for letting me know you are armed, you didn't have to." And I went on my way.
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    I doubt it would help around here since nearly every man, woman and child has a permit. In Arizona, if you're not armed, then that could be cause for suspicion. We're still hung up on that whole freedom thing'.
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    Glad it all worked out.
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    Sometimes we run into professionals and things go as they are supposed to go.

    Glad it was a good interaction.

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