Anonymous self defense?

Anonymous self defense?

This is a discussion on Anonymous self defense? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In reading about reports of self defense cases in the news, sometimes the people's names are revealed and sometimes they aren't. I'm wondering if there ...

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Thread: Anonymous self defense?

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    Anonymous self defense?

    In reading about reports of self defense cases in the news, sometimes the people's names are revealed and sometimes they aren't.

    I'm wondering if there is any kind of right to remain anonymous when legally defending oneself...what determines if your name gets released to the media?

    Personally if I had to defend myself, and then it went into the media, I would not want to have to explain to all my extended family and's not really their business.
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    Names of victims are usually not revealed in most cases unless it is important to the investigation for the identity of the parties to be publicly known or if consent is given. But those rules are for the has no scruples...
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    Seems like every article I’ve read regarding a self-defense shooting, the name of the victim is published. Even if the right does exist, I doubt the media would honor it [insert MSM rant].

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    I used to work as a journalist (Small town not MSM), and routinely read police reports and did the crime beat. Sometimes the police will black out names, but even if they do, they usually can't/don't black out addresses.

    While I imagine most news organizations have their own internal guidelines, the general policy of our station was to not reveal a victims name unless the name itself was germane to the story. (And never ever for juveniles or sexual assault victims.)

    In other words, We didn't reveal it, unless its only news worthy BECAUSE of the who the victim is. (like if the city councilman gets beat up casting a controversial vote or something like that, you pretty much have to identify the victim because that's the whole story.)

    When it comes to a self-defense shooting, what you are probably seeing is the bias of the media, in that they are not considering the self-defense shooter a "victim," in the usual sense, because the shooter is himself often being subjected to police inquiry (to determine if its a good shoot, etc,) so instead of being treated as a victim, he's being treated as a subject.

    Not saying that is right, but I suspect that's the basis for it.

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    I've been working as a photographer for a newspaper since 1981. generally speaking, anything that's public record is publishable.

    we routinely do not identify juveniles nor sexual assault victims; otherwise the decision comes down to whether the victim is "newsworthy:" if the mayor, police chief or a well-known busineman/woman was the victim we probably would ID them unless it was a sexual assault.

    usually it boils down to what the cops & the DA tell us. usually victims are not specifically identified at the morning briefing, but we'll still quickly figure it out because it's a matter of public record.

    if the victim is john q. public -- even when we know the name -- we rarely publish the identification on the first of several reports. if the victim shoots and/or kills someone in self defense, that person's name will eventually be published in subsequent reports because there will ALWAYS be an investigation & trial.

    if you pull the trigger, even in self defense, be prepared for life as you know it to change, and publicity is the least of your problems. like it or not, fair or not, by pulling the trigger you have opted to step into the realm of "public figure" and your privacy rights have changed.

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