My friends LEO (maybe) Experience...BAD (Long but interesting)

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Thread: My friends LEO (maybe) Experience...BAD (Long but interesting)

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    My friends LEO (maybe) Experience...BAD (Long but interesting)

    My friend who is not a patron of this website had a situation on Friday. Now before I tell this story I have been close friends with this guy for 31 years, since we were 4. He has no reason to lie or tell stories, he also is a Neonatologist, a very humble doctor who won't let any one call him doctor outside of work. He carries a Glock 27 or a KEL-TEC P3AT. He went to the movies in downtown OKC with his date. They were in her car, he was driving. He decided since it was so busy and was having trouble finding a parking place to drop his date at the front of the theater and have her get the tickets while he parked. He had been searching for a spot for about 15 min. He found himself on a isle where no cars were coming toward him or away from him all the sudden he see's reverse lights. The car backed out he proceeded to pull into the spot, all the sudden a guy comes out of nowhere and steps in his path. He says to my friend "you need to move on" my friend asks why? he says this is my spot I've been driving aroud for 30 min looking for a spot. My freind says "I'm not moving" the guy says, "I'm not either" and then he flashes a badge. My friends asks "what department?" he says "Oklahoma City, off duty" my friend " good let's call someone who is on duty" he dials 911 it connects the guy retreats, he hangs up. So I ask "were you carrying?" he said "no", "I asked why not?" he said "I knew I was going to have a beer at dinner". he says "but it was a cop" I said "how do you know, you saw a badge from 20ft away?". I said "what if it wasn't a cop?", and he came over and put his hands on you or pulled a weapon?" he said "well I don't know?" I said "next time at least carry pepper spray". I just don't understand when you have you CWL, why would you not carry?
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    I hate being the first to say this, but if he called 911 why the HELL did he hang up when this guy took off?? He might have been an impersonator the cops were looking for or just some jackass with a fake/reproduction badge but it STILL should have been reported. It could have ended alot worse for your friend. He should have been carrying SOMETHING more than just his cell phone IMO. Also why dont people carry even with their license/permit, no answer for that one. I carry every day had my LTCF for a year now. As do 2 friends and my father (who have had theirs for a combined total of about 50 years.) However I know people who have had their LTCF for 10+ years and carry maybe 3 times a year...
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    I'm with you on the hanging up part, he told me was to worried about the parking spot.
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    Also you should never call 911 and then hang up before speaking to an operator. They don't know if it was a real person who called in and got cut off because they were stabbed in the neck and they have to follow up on that call by calling you back etc.
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    I had a guy flash a badge on me at church several years back, Woodland Park Badge in Co Springs. The head usher reminded him he was on private property and asked him to leave.

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    Even legitimate "badge flashers" need to find a new job!
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    Happy everything turned out ok. This should have been reported, if this idiot was a real LEO, his department needs to know about him. What else is he doing with that badge?
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    The reason the guy wasn't carrying is the direct result of the silly laws enacted by people we vote into office. In NC, I cannot even legally carry into the theater.

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    The fact that he left was more than enough to tell me he wasn't legit. A call into 911, even with minimal details, might help prevent a future crime. Description of the guy, make/model/color of the car, and maybe a license plate number would be great to pass on to the police. They could have at least verified if he was a LEO, and then acted if he wasn't.

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    ... and if he was LEO, his superiors need to know that he was abusing his power.
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