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My LEO Experience - Springfield, MO

This is a discussion on My LEO Experience - Springfield, MO within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Only problem was in 1973. My future wife and I were in college and we were driving up to Rochester, NY after dark on a ...

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Thread: My LEO Experience - Springfield, MO

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    Only problem was in 1973. My future wife and I were in college and we were driving up to Rochester, NY after dark on a Saturday evening to go to dinner and a movie on her birthday. I drove a beat up old '63 Chevy Nova in those days, what a crap car! We were both 19, and had longish hair (hey, it was 1973), but we were basically good, pretty clean cut kids. Anyway, this was long before the interstate was built, so we drove back roads and small towns all the way.

    About halfway there we were stopped on a dark country road in the town of Avon, and the officer came up and said he pulled me over because he "thought I made that last left hand turn a little wide". There was a long pause as he shone his flashlight around the interior of the car. Then he said "do you have any marijuana with you"? "No sir", I said (we didn't). He came right back with "have you ever tried marijuana"? "No sir", I said (well, that might have been untrue).

    Then his flashlight landed on my girl's handbag and he said "do you mind if I look through that"? She started to hand it to him, but he came around to her side of the car and told her to hold it open. He then reached through the window and started to rummage around through her bag, one hand holding his flashlight. After a couple of minutes he straightened up and said "alright, you can go now, just be careful". He got in his car quickly and drove away first, and we just sat there in silence.

    I can't really express how shaken and sickened we both felt...maybe you can imagine. We just turned right around and went home.

    I hated him as much as I've ever hated anyone in my life. In fact, I hated cops for quite a few years after that. We were young and stupid and had no idea what our rights were. All I knew is what my dad always taught me: Yes sir, no sir.

    You know, that's the first time in 37 years I've related that incident, and it still puts a knot in my stomach.

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    I was just outside Collins.. Jct 13 & 54 hwy.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Never been a Collins, but I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I'm up that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by opalelement View Post
    Glad to know the LEOs are so good in my home town :D Does the ticket tell the street? I have never come across a 65mph road here o.O
    I didn't receive a ticket, as I mentioned in my first post. As I said early on, it was on US65. I don't recall if it drops down below 60mph or not, but I know that about a three of four mile stretch that runs thru Springfield and is 60mph. Don't recall where that changes exactly.

    Also, as I mentioned previously, I was mistaken about the location and the officer pulled me over North of Springfield in Fair Grove. I had my kids w/me and was distracted as to the exact stretch of the highway, but remembered it on the way home.

    Quote Originally Posted by carryon View Post
    I got to church with a Fair Grove PD officer. Can't be too many officers in a town that size. He's a good guy....that is if you happened to be pulled over by my friend :)
    That's how it usually is in smaller towns! Gotta love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by stolivar View Post
    My dad lives in Wheatland, and my uncle lives in Galmey. I have an uncle that lives in Wheatland also. goes by the name of Holt. My dads name is Tolivar. Also related to the Breshears down there.

    I know the area very well.
    Kewel. My folks live behind the VFW in Galmey. In fact, Mom is an a member of the women's auxiliary of the V and often does quilting work there with other ladies. I've got a number of family members who live there in the area now, several having moved down there in the last five or so years. A few have lived there for almost 20 years, over just off of Pomme de Tarre.

    Thinkin' about maybe keepin' an eye out for some land and/or a house in the area, as well. It'll be a while, tho....
    You got off lucky on the speeding ticket. I think the Mil ID is what did it also.
    Prolly, yeah.
    I have a son over in Iraq on his second tour now.
    Tell your son thank you for his Service, if you would, from a fellow Service Member.
    Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor #12-751

    If guns kill people, then:
    Pincels miss spel werds;
    Cars make people drive drunk;
    And spoons made Rosie O'Donnel fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cad424 View Post
    LEO are like everyone else. Some are good some are bad. We all like to thank a Vet but myself and other Veterans on this board can tell you that some aren't worth thanking.

    Most LEOs are good and most Vets deserved to be thanked though.

    I know Griff, and *he* is worth it

    Quote Originally Posted by Griffworks View Post

    Whatever do you mean, Jon...?

    Yeah, Jon-star...... whattya talkin' about?!?
    Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Century!

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    Missouri is not a bad place to live. Ya'll come!
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    Isn't it a commentary on our LEO expectations when a routine, normal traffic stop gets mentioned because the cop was courteous. I guess we expect to be berated, thrown to the ground, tasered, and screamed at.
    Why is that?

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    I haven't had a ticket in the last thirty years, yet I always speed. Sometimes 5 to 7 over, sometimes more. But, I have one cardinal rule. I'm never the fastest guy on the block. People have a tendency to want to get out in front. I'm glad to let them. If a guy gets on my bumper I pull over and let him fly. Thanks for taking my ticket!

    Once in southern Illinois I was doing about 15 over and an oncoming LEO did a Uy and came I thought after me. Actually he pulled over the semi next to me who was going the same speed I was, but in that area the semi speed limit was lower than us 4 wheelers. So he was the better target.

    I suppose he could have tagged us both but I've never had that happen.

    Yes, there are good and bad in any profession. Ask the little boys in Catholic schools.

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