Parking lot of Federal building.

Parking lot of Federal building.

This is a discussion on Parking lot of Federal building. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone know if it is legal to leave a weapon secured in a lock box in your vehile when going into a federal building? ...

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Thread: Parking lot of Federal building.

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    Parking lot of Federal building.

    Does anyone know if it is legal to leave a weapon secured in a lock box in your vehile when going into a federal building? My wife who has only had her CWP a few months has started a new job with the federal court system. She knows weapons are not allowed in the building, the walk through a metal dector, but is uneasy about asking about the parking lot. (unwanted attention on new employee.) So for now she leaves it at home.

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    Parking lots are OK according to a friend of mine who is a GSA cop. However, she should check with the GSA folks where she's at as some places may be a little more "aggressive"

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    I don't think that there will be a problem, or there shouldn't be. Does this building have the Federal Protective Service or a contracted security firm?

    I had a run-in with a contracted security guard at our local federal building. He was a bit rediculous in his actions, but he was just trying to do his job and follow the rules; so, I can respect that.

    I was on duty and had to drop something off at the local FBI office. I stopped at the security station and provided my ID. I was told that I couldn't enter the building while armed; so, I asked for a lockbox, which they didn't have. At that point we got into a discussion as to my leaving my weapon in my vehicle, which I flatly refused to do as I wasn't going to walk around the downtown area unarmed while on duty. I asked that he just call the agent and aks the agent to come to the lobby.

    He eventually decided to escort me to the FBI office. Funny thing is that he didn't wait around to escort me back.

    I understood where he was coming from, and they did have an issue with an off-duty cop in the IRS office there once. I just thought his whole manner was funny.
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    I work a VA medical facility. Our property entrances are clearly marked indicating firearms are prohibited. It was explained to me that storage in a locked vehicle was still a violation.

    I am under the impression that this is true of all Federal property.


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    The law is pretty clear that it applies to all federal property, not just the buildings.

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    Not strictly a "parking lot" or a "building...

    I live in northern Virginia and there are National Park Service properties straddling major highways all over Virginia. I called the Park Service Headquarters to find out about passing through those areas.

    The response I got from the Park Service law enforcement folks was that I have to stop, unload, lock the gun and ammunition up separately, before entering park property. Can you picture a bunch of us stopping at the park boundry handling weapons to get them to the trunk and nobody taking any notice?!

    I tried to argue that the highway was NOT park property, but that didn't fly at all. This foolish policy eliminates two of an already short list of routes I can take to/from work without going through their silly drill.

    Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has a petition before the director of the Park Service requesting a rule change to allow CCW with proper permits in Park Service property. VCDL is currently trying to get Sen. Allen (R-VA) to press the director for some action on the petition; it hasn't been acted on yet. You might visit the VCDL home page and get your senators and representatives to address this issue, too.
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    I agree that is a sticky one. I work on federal property and even though you would think that stopping outside the boundry and locking everything up properly in the trunk would be fine, it would probably cause a lot of problems. Even if the guards did not swarm down on you while locking your weapon up, driving on to the property could well be a violation. You could argue if the parking lot is not marked as federal property, or if the parking lot serves more than the federal offices, that you are not violating, but the harrassment from the guards, supervisors, coworkers (did you hear what happened in the parking lot this morning? Maryanne was caught trying to hide an uzi or AK-47 or some kind of weapon of mass destruction!), or possible legal headaches (even if you eventually win (but lose time, money, etc.)), just outweigh our rights.

    It stinks but may have to live with the restrictions as part of having the job there, just like a teacher (who may have had the snot kocked out of him (or her) or threatened by students) may have to accept not bringing the piece on to school property, even the parking lot in many jurisdictions.


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