How We Pair Up

How We Pair Up

This is a discussion on How We Pair Up within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One of Janq's posts got me to thinking, I wonder how we pair up. So, I thought I would take a poll to see what ...

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Thread: How We Pair Up

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    How We Pair Up

    One of Janq's posts got me to thinking, I wonder how we pair up. So, I thought I would take a poll to see what we think. Feel free to chime in with your responses if you desire.
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    My wife has always shown an interest in getting her CCW. But thats about it. I encourage her to, but she has it low on her priority list unfortunately.
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    My wife came from a pretty Liberal Jewish family in Chicago, moved south now carries her own S&W Airweight with CTG. Loves to shoot especially her Stoeger Coach gun. Was a real transition from a Jewish Princess to a Southern Bell...but it can be done.
    Have Gun ~ Will Carry

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    Wife took her CHL class before me and encouraged me to get my CHL.
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    While my girlfriend supports my right to bear arms, she does think I take it a little to far. Little does she know, 3 handguns, 2 rifles and a shotgun is just the tip of the iceberg.
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    My wife is very pro 2nd, a CCL holder, and I gotta keep an eye on her in the gun shop or she may be buying herself another gun
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    I put anti, though she's not really anti...she just doesn't like guns. I'll never forget she cried the first time I brought home a firearm 30 years ago, a 20 ga Ithaca for pheasant hunting! Added a bunch through the years. She tolerates me now and never says a word. She's an absolute angel on earth, and I'm the luckiest man in the world just to know someone like her.

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    I got married right after I turned 19. I was in the USAF at the time and handled weapons every day. When I got out of the USAF I joined the Delaware State Police and handled weapons every day. I've cc for the past 40+ years and she is just used to it after all this time. She does not shoot, but does not mind that I do. We've been married for almost 45 years and went together for about 3 years prior to that, so I think I'll keep her.
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    My GF comes from a very pro-2A family, her dad is an LEO. Part of why I chose her...

    I'm waiting for my permit here in CO, day 10 today! She won't be too far behind, waiting to find a good class...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mashir View Post
    My GF comes from a very pro-2A family, her dad is an LEO. Part of why I chose her...

    I'm waiting for my permit here in CO, day 10 today! She won't be too far behind, waiting to find a good class...
    Congrats on the permit! And welcome to the forum mashir.

    My wife was neither here nor there with 2A when we first met. She actually didn't really like the thought of a gun in the house. It made her nervous when she first saw my 44 mag. and I thought, Uh oh! Looks like someone that will have to come around. Took her trap shooting and she was hooked and now is CCW too. Ahhhhh, another one on our side.
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    My fiancee has been anti-gun all her life. She was raised to be afraid of guns and that they were dangerous. It's taken me 3.5 years, but she is FINALLY convinced that she needs to start getting over her fear of them and learn to use them. Out of respect for her fears (and for safety because I certainly don't want a gun in the apartment if she doesn't know how to use it) I have not owned a gun since we moved in together. In a few weeks her boss will be taking us shooting and we will start taking classes to get our CCL's, and I have a CZ-82 on layaway (although she doesn't know that it's on layaway, she just knows that I've been "looking at that one"). Time and patience is finally paying off, and I get to keep my hot redhead ;)

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    My wife has never been anti gun, but she was uninterested until the last couple years. Now she owns 2 guns, XD 9mm sc and and 870 12 ga. And she loves shooting. I am working on the CCP. She wants to, but money and time are not in our favor right now.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    Going home soon????
    My wife is pro 2A and claims to be a better shot than me , but she doesn't have her CHL yet. She is going to get it later this year though, I think I have convinced her she should have it. It took us a while to find a handgun that she liked enough to consider carrying it though, she finally settled on the XD9SC.
    She does get annoyed when I talk about guns and laws and events etc.... lol.

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    My wife has her CCW and carries a firearm...sometimes...but she never hassles me about my purchases or when/how I carry. She knows the prearranged seating arrangements when we go somewhere, and she has become much more aware of crime both inside our town (and government).
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    My wife is pro 2A and understands why I carry. Occationally she asks me to accompany her and bring my gun. Recently she had a couple of scary situations and she is now ready to get her permit.

    Having shot with women before, I suspect she will be giving me a run for my money out on the range!

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