Ive been out of the shooting loop to long

Ive been out of the shooting loop to long

This is a discussion on Ive been out of the shooting loop to long within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ive been out of the shooting loop for a little while, about a month actually. I've been deployed to Guam and not allowed to Bring ...

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Thread: Ive been out of the shooting loop to long

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    Question Ive been out of the shooting loop to long

    Ive been out of the shooting loop for a little while, about a month actually.
    I've been deployed to Guam and not allowed to Bring my protection instrument with me. which is a real tragedy cause we had one of our guys get the Crap beat out of him just for being military by a bunch of locals. (a navy guy raped an island girl but we're air force) and a result of not having Internet and being away from my toys I'm out of the loop.
    Can any one sum up for me what I've missed that's important, any thing i need to write my congressman about or really pertinent threads i need to read.
    i know its a odd request but its a one time deal to get me back up to speed.
    thanks for your help in advance guys.
    Hang on I saw this in a movie one time..................:flamethrowingsmiley for idpa match video click here http://www.youtube.com/v/-P3L4XfmWOg or http://www.youtube.com/v/cBkz7uZEzYs

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    Go get yourself a soda, click New Posts, and start reading. Lots of good info posted here everyday!

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    Good advice, but dont forget to pick up some ammo and hit the range to work the kinks outta that trigger finger.

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    All your need to know is that Hillery got a sex change and announced nupitals with barbra streisand . Oh and angilina is no longer preggers so as soon as she kicks brad out , well its open season lol
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    It Changes...
    I'm a Air Force Veteran and I can say to you is thanks for standing on the wall. Nothing new here
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    Go check out the NRA-ILA site - it will hopefully help you get up to speed on what law stuff is in process and upcoming etc.

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    Thanks for your service....
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