Most concealable handgun

Most concealable handgun

This is a discussion on Most concealable handgun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is without a doubt the most concealable handgun ever! Here is a man OC'ing it: It is the world’s smallest working gun that does ...

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Thread: Most concealable handgun

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    Most concealable handgun

    This is without a doubt the most concealable handgun ever!

    Here is a man OC'ing it:

    It is the world’s smallest working gun that does not exceed 5.5 cm in length. It can shoot 2.34mm caliber rim fire ammunition making this the smallest rim fire ammunition in the world. If you thought that this pistol is only for show, then lemme tell you that this double action revolver has all the features found on a real size gun. It can fire real bullets at 270 mph which can be deadly in close shooting range.The gun weighs only 19.8 grams or 0.7 oz and fires live and blank ammunition.

    I think this may be a great defensive option for those people who need ultra concealment and don't need those overkill large caliber bullets. After all it's shot placement that matters not caliber right?
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    I saw a couple of those at a gun show once about 10-12 years ago including a couple of miniature lever action rifles. Complete with the custom made ammo and a presentation box.

    Price was something like $8,000 and up! But I gotta say, I really marveled at them. They were works of art.

    My wife wanted one desperately for the 18 inch porcelain John Wayne doll she made. One of the lever action rifles was in perfect scale for him. Price for the rifle was $13,000 or there about.
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    Funny thing is:

    I saw the Thread Title and thought, "Oh boy, I wonder what opinion is going to get flamed now?"


    That's the most concealable firearm I've ever seen!
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    I would have to agree
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    Even smaller pocket revolver

    This is the smallest pocket revolver:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Most concealable handgun-1873_buntline_target.jpg  

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    Wow! That is a small gun.

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    Now that's small
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    Now I just gotta find some .01grain hollow points

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    They really are works of art, not question about that, but they are not cheap - SwissMiniGun Arme Miniature Miniature Arms - not to mention the ammo . Right now 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) = .90 USD$.
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    Thats kewl, but we cant own them in the U.S I found this on there web page.

    United States of America

    Our Miniature Revolver ref. C1ST is not permitted to be imported into the United States.
    We have received a letter from the US Department of Justice mentioning that our Miniature Revolver does not meet with the minimum size prerequisites referring to the Factoring Criteria for Weapons ATF Form 4590.
    Our revolver therefore, is not classified as sporting and is not importable.
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    I couldn't afford one of those.
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