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Carrying only your BUG

This is a discussion on Carrying only your BUG within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by CDRGlock The 27 is my golf gun. It is light, compact and I don't have to compromise caliber (CCW is a 23). ...

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Thread: Carrying only your BUG

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDRGlock View Post
    The 27 is my golf gun. It is light, compact and I don't have to compromise caliber (CCW is a 23).
    The G27 is perfect for the golf bag . I need to buy another gun. My wife now carries the S&W 638 as her primary so I am left with the Beretta 950 (I know,I know .25) for the golf bag. The lob wedge is not a bad CQB impact weapon though.
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    I guess I'm in the minority, I only carry one gun at a time.

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    I carry only my P-3at at work because of the small size for Deep Concealment and I am thinking of getting a second P-3at to use so I can carry two (One BUGing the other ). At those times I am only carrying one I have my Glock 17 in the vault in my car. Most problems I would expect to be the parking lot walk to the car. Even though it is not on me the Glock could be used when I get to it and the P-3at would be there to help me get to it.

    If I am carrying more than one it is either the Glock 26 and the P-3at both concealed or the Glock 17 or 19 OC and the P-3at as a concealed BUG.
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    Sure. In just the circumstances you mention. But I try not to do that often.
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    Aside from two .22lr target guns with long barrels the only two pistols I have are a Glock 19 and a Raven .25; I wish I had a reliable BUG. I keep looking at these Kel Tecs and LCPs and thinking it would be nice to have a little .380 to drop in a pocket for just driving to the store for a quart of milk, but $300 is a bit steep for that little bit of extra convenience. I'd just as soon have a knife as the .25, and I'm not sure how I'd feel about walking out the door with a .380, so I use an IWB clip on holster and just walk upstairs and put on my 9mm when I go anywhere.

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    I personally never carry a BUG...but for the record it is impossible to not carry your primary unless you aren't carrying at all, because when you carry only one gun it is by default your primary and not your "BUG"
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    Not often. Sometimes when working around the house.
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    I have traveled to my home town this weekend with my lovely wife. It is primarily a low crime rural area. I have had shorts and sneakers on since Friday evening. My 340 M&P has been in my front pocket, and a speed strip in the weak side pocket with a Surefire E1L. My G23 with a back up mag in a n HBE Com III is in my duffle bag ready to be grabbed and strapped on in a moment. 5 rounds of .357 should allow me to fight my way to my primary.
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    I sometimes carry a Glock 26 to backup my Glock 17 but I feel safe with only one. I prefer to stick with the same platform and I like the ability to feed larger magazines into the smaller pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    Are there times when you carry your back up gun as your sole gun? For example, today I made a quick run to the store. I had sweats and a T-shirt on and since it was just a quick run, I clipped my P3AT inside my sweats and made a quick run to the store.

    Anyone ever do this?
    yup, since I dont believe in BUG I only carry the only guns I use for CC lol..same deal as only carrying one..its either the Ruger SR9c or the TaurusCH85

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    Sure. Running the trash out at night or other low risk events. I have occasionally worn a fancy J frame 42 with pearl grips as a BBQ gun to special events. I can carry a Kel Tec .32 in anything more than a Speedo so on those rare occasions I have to dress fancy and I'm not wearing a uniform I have dropped the KT in a pocket.

    I will say that if my BUG becomes primary I will make an effort to carry spare ammo for it. I carry spares for my primary, but rarely for my BUG when it's a BUG.
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