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This is a discussion on Kimber 1911 Issue within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not Kimber or 1911 bashing but why would you have to replace springs, magazines, firing pin stops etc on a brand new pistol? I like ...

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Thread: Kimber 1911 Issue

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    Not Kimber or 1911 bashing but why would you have to replace springs, magazines, firing pin stops etc on a brand new pistol? I like the way tricked out 1911's look but sheesh I don't want to have to screw with anything other than putting on some pretty grip panels. Just saying...

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    I had this exact problem with my Tac Custom II. Didn't matter what mags I used. Since I carried this gun every day I realized I couldn't trust it with my life and sold it.
    Kimber continues to come across as a custom gun, when in reality, they stopped being that a long time ago. I switched to a Glock 21SF that has 13+1 of .45 ACP and never fails to do anything right. Also way easier to maintain.

    A Kimber is what you show your friends.
    A Glock is what you show your enemies...

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    most likely a mag issue. I have heard that kimber factory mags can be iffy. i have had zero problems with mind, but mine is for the 3" 9mm, so quite a bit different. i would get a wilson mag and see if that fixes your prob, if not, post back.
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    I had nose dive feed issues with my Kimber. After trying to get Wilson, Chip McCormick, Mecgar... to work, I found it lonly liked Cobramags. They're designed with a higher insertion height and a much stronger spring. In my humble opinion, they are the finest 1911 magazines around.

    They do protrude out the bottom, but fit nicely with a mag well.

    Another option is the Wilson 7 or 8 round magazines. Mine only liked them with the Tripp Super 7 upgrade, which is a hybrid follower with a much heavier spring with more coils. This will keep you nearly flush, with a 7 round capacity.

    Tripp Research, Inc.

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    When I was growing up, my dad was a small town Chevy dealer. I worked everyday after school and summers at the dealership (I was your basic gopher). I can still recall that there were just some cars that were lemons. We'd have cars & pickups that we'd never see except for routine maint. and there were a few cars that seemed to just have a constant stream of problems. Most firearms these days come from some variation of an assembly line. There are the obvious exceptions, but you pay quite a bit for the excellence of a firearm that is put together by hand by a master gunsmith.

    Most of the major models are quite good--but, just like the cars, there are lemons out there. Don't judge a whole line just because of the few exceptions (unless, of course, most of the guns are problems)
    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

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    Good article on the subject of 1911 magazines.

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    Well, you can probably save that one magazine by buying a Wolff +power magazine spring. Then it should feed that last round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jem102 View Post
    I did have to buff the paint/coating off the feed ramp on my SIS Pro to get 100% feed rate @ 300 rounds. It was getting better but I had 3 FTE's in the first 300 rounds so I just polished it bright, no metal removed. I also use Tripp 7 round Cobra mags...worth every penny!
    I thought that the SIS guns had steel frames. Am I wrong about that? (I should know, since I spent considerable time tuning my son-in-law's SIS Pro, but I don't recall for sure.) If they are steel, polish away!!

    I just checked; SIS guns have steel frames, at least on the 4" and 5" guns, best I can tell. A failure to eject wouldn't have anything to do with a rough feed ramp. Were you getting failures to eject, or to feed?

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