Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray

Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray

This is a discussion on Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While viewing random threads involving member's choices of every day carry equipment, I noticed that few mentioned carrying OC/pepper spray as part of their EDC ...

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Thread: Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray

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    Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray

    While viewing random threads involving member's choices of every day carry equipment, I noticed that few mentioned carrying OC/pepper spray as part of their EDC set up.

    I feel like it is important to have a non lethal option at your disposal in case you may need to stop or deter a threat that is not yet a deadly threat.

    Thoughts on why so few choose to include a small can of OC/pepper spray in their EDC?

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    Going home soon????
    I have wanted to add it to my EDC for a while but haven't had the time to go to the stores and do the research yet. I think it would be an awesome tool for a lot of scenarios.
    The main reason I want it is for when I'm walking my dogs. If another dog attacks mine I don't want to miss the shot and hit my dog so pepper spray would be great.
    It would also be useful for hiking. I can see a lot of scenarios with two-legged threats that it would come in handy, but I mostly think about it for the four-legged ones.
    Next time I get to go to cabela's I think I will pick some up.

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    Its a personal choice. I think that at the level (low) it would be used at, many prefer awareness and avoidence. Some question its effectiveness, as many can fight through it; while others prefer tactile solutions and/or other tools. I carry it while walking the dog, but that is about the only time.

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    I carry a small key chain thing of Sabre pepper spray on my keys, just to have in case I forget or for some reason am unable to carry my other defensive tools. The thing that worries me most is having to use it on a windy day.
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    For one thing I don't want to feel like I'm wearing Batman's belt. EDC stuff includes a pistol 1911, 2 extra mags, knife, cell phone, keys, and wallet, and sometimes that seems like too much.

    If I feel the need to utilize my firearm, it is for a lethal threat. If it is not a lethal threat I will try to avoid it, as well as having the ability to rely on my h2h skills developed through the Marine Corp martial arts program, as well as years of working as a bouncer during college. But really I'm going to just try and avoid the threat or talk my way out of it, since if it gets to h2h range, its a gunfight, because I brought one. But I'm not a cop either, so I'm not going to be trying to get someone to comply with commands on a non-lethal level in order to restrain them (although I am trained/have used restraints in the past on detainees).

    Also, some Mace/Pepper/OC sprays work better than others, and some don't really work at all on people, especially those intoxicated.

    So there is my answer, hope it explained some things. Now a question for you, since you carry a spray, have you sprayed yourself with it? Because wind conditions will be affected by Mr. Murphy if you ever need to use it, and you will be affected by it as well. So you need to know what it feels like and begin to develop a tolerance to it so you can fight through it and not panic when that happens.
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Not enough pockets.

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    I hear ya BuckeyeLCPL about the being weighed down thing. I carry OC about 80% - 90% of the time. FOX LABS small keychain type. Slips into my weakside pocket next to my flashlight. But I'll admit that it's the first thing to get "ditched" if I'm feeling too loaded down.

    I do keep a larger 2 oz size on the outside of my Emergency Go Bag/BOB.
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    I don't even carry it on duty, let alone off. It's bulky, doesn't work on everybody and even if it does affect them most people can fight through it, plus if you use it cross-contamination is almost guaranteed. Not worth the effort, IMO.

    The only time I'd consider it is, as charlie1826 mentioned, if I was walking my dogs where I may encounter other dogs.

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    I've seen people shake off OC spray, Not many do that with a round from a .45

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldshellback View Post
    Not enough pockets.
    Lol that would be my reason. By the way, and I know I might sound silly asking this, but what does OC stand for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarbineChris View Post
    ...what does OC stand for?
    Oleoresin capsicum.

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    For one thing I don't want to feel like I'm wearing Batman's belt.
    That is increasingly a problem in today's New Tactical Lifestyle, where every urban warrior is expected to have some kind of "EDC" loadout, including gun, BUG, reloads for both, knife, OC spray, flashlight, and who knows what else in addition to your wallet and cell phone.

    After thinking it through, I got the ASP Street Defender and this suits my combatives because I can use the device as a kubotan. It's a bit pricier than most others - especially if you get the quick-release clip for it - but worth it.

    In most typical situations I'm likely to encounter, I'm ready to push a problem down, help someone to find the ground. If it's worse than that, but not at the level warranting a firearm, mace offers a pleasant solution without the risks of serious injury that can occur in a H2H conflict. If a person falls wrong, they can hit their head, land funny, and then you can have legal hassles.

    Mainly, there's a fairly large population of beach people here, a night crowd with drinkers, you occasionally run into loud, messy low-lifes who can be pestersome. This is where OC in the face is fine, but knocking out teeth is unnecessary, and pulling a gun would be a felony.

    If a level 1 threat is like a homeless dude hitting you up for spare change and a level 3 threat is danger enough to pull a gun, then OC is for the level 2 situations. No magic bullet, but if I have to go H2H with somebody anyway, I'd much prefer that my opponent is having trouble seeing, breathing, etc.

    There are very few downsides to carrying mace. While we hear all the time that just about everybody shrugs it off, that it doesn't work, that most people just stroll right through it, I think that's mostly urban legend. I tested my canister out to get a feel for the range, and got some of the spray on my fingers and it burned through the skin. In the eyes it's going to have impact.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    I feel like it is important to have a non lethal option at your disposal in case you may need to stop or deter a threat that is not yet a deadly threat.
    my body is a weapon, both lethal and non lethal :p. you can fight through some pepper, but you won't be fighting much with two broken shoulders
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    If I have pants on, my firearm is with me (except at school), and if I have a firearm with me, my OC spray is also with me.
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    I agree with the comment about Batman's belt. There's only so much I'm willing to carry every day. I carry a full sized pistol with a reload, Surefire 6P, iPhone, wallet, keys, lighter, knife, chapstick and a usb key for work.

    On top of that, I've had a face full of OC before and it didn't do a thing to me. My eyes watered a little bit and I punched my friend for being an idiot, but that was the end of that. He had a little worse reaction to the spray back... but at any rate, I seriously doubt it's effectiveness.

    Given that I don't have great confidence in it's ability, I choose to remain situationally aware and am determined to avoid violence if at all possible. I will leave or attempt to talk my way out of a situation that doesn't require lethal force. When that doesn't work and I don't need lethal force - being 270 lbs and having training in Jeet Kune Do does come in handy...
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