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    16 Blocks

    It's not often that a movie would inspire me to write about a concealed carry issue, but there's a scene in "16 Blocks" with Bruce Willis which illustrates in a very clever and realistic way the concept of tunnel vision. Bruce Willis' character has just shot a BG and everything goes to slow motion with almost no sound. You see people running, a street sign falling, and other surreal activities, and suddenly everything comes back to full speed and sound. That's when the Willis character realizes that there are a 2nd and 3rd BG who are now directing their fire at him.

    I've never been in a firing situation, but from what I've read, this movie scene conveys what happens very realistically. We have to be prepared before the shooting and also after the shooting. The training we do must allow us to correctly assess a situation before deciding to draw and fire and, maybe more importantly, continue to assess the situation during the situation. Has the threat ended? Has the threat escalated? How many BG's are there? All these questions and more will be flowing through our heads and we can't afford to fall victim to either the BG or tunnel-vision.

    Has anyone else seen this movie and would you care to comment on the scene?

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    I havent seen the movie but I heard it was good. Maybe I'll rent it. Good point too, always stay alert and know whats happening in your surroundings.

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    I just watched it a couple of days ago and that scene stood out to me as well. I think the only way they could have made it "better" would have been to have the whole slo-mo/low volume part seen through his eyes (1st person view). I'm REALLY nit-picking here... I thought that scene was fantastic and could easily picture a real life situation being very much like that. Reminded me of Tom Hanks towards the end of "Saving Private Ryan" a bit, similar type scene.

    Liked the movie very much even though the "sidekick" got on my nerves (can you say over-acting).

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    Strikes me more and more that tunnel vision under stress has to be one of our most unwanted elements - but hard to totally ''train out'' of the system methinks.
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    Bruce Willis? Oh yeah...Walking through broken glass in his bare feet with an MP5...

    Oh wait...Wrong movie

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    Strangely enough, I saw the Movie when it first came out but I don't remember the scene you're referring to. I just got back from buying 16 Blocks on DVD. I'm a huge Willis fan. I'll be sure to pay close attention when it gets to the scene in question.

    I'll see it tonight after I see the Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada. I'm also a big Tommy Lee Jones fan. :)
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    Yeah, awesome scene!

    Ironically, I think (mho) that director Richard Donner is an anti- watch for posters in the backgrounds of all his films about gun control, anti-fur, save-the-whales, and other PC idealologies.
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