What a day!!!!!

What a day!!!!!

This is a discussion on What a day!!!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It started off pretty smooth untill the heat was laying havoc on my tahoe... which is starting to act its age by the way. So, ...

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Thread: What a day!!!!!

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    What a day!!!!!

    It started off pretty smooth untill the heat was laying havoc on my tahoe... which is starting to act its age by the way. So, for the first time i drove with the windows up and the A/C on... usually a no no for me. Well the tahoe was a little sluggish getting off the line at the intersection and the person behind me was VERY close to me for the majority of the trip down the road. In front of me was a grocery getter and to my right was a utility vehicle. Both of them were not doing the speed limit which was 40 so as soon as i was able to fit i punched it and got over so i could get douchebag in mommys car off my tail. As soon as i looked ahead i saw the cop reaching for his gear selector and i was like 'damn, he got me.' I pulled over in a church parking lot (not thinking right) and under some trees since the officer was going to be standing in the heat i figured id try to be generous. I put it in park and put the keys on the dash and rolled both front and rear drivers side windows dow so he could see in. I kept my hands on the steering wheel untill he greated me and asked me for my license. I handed him my license, military id and CHP and let him read for himself that i was armed. He studied it, said okay, asked me where it was and then handed me my permit and ID back. He then asked me if i knew why he pulled me and i told him i was for sure that it was speeding. He smiled and said yes and asked me if i was in a hurry. I told him that there is no excuse for speeding but i did tell him why i was. I told him i didnt even use my turn signal because i let my anger get the best of me. He laughed a little and told me to sit tight. when he came back, he handed me the ticket and knocked it down toeight over and the minimum fine and i thanked him and apologized for my stupidity (to my shock and awe, i was doing 54 in a 40). He thanked me for my honesty and calmness and then asked me why i had a PA license, VA CHP and what i was doing in SC. I told him the active duty story and showed him the leter from the district court in VA about having my permit and that my home of record was PA. I then told him i had reciprocity granted be SC so i was good to go. He asked me what my carry pistol was and i told him H&K USP .45 and he smiled and told me to enjoy the rest of my evening... jokingly i told him i would see him in court and he laughed again and said 'and to think i might have called you a good guy you would go and do that me?' after about 45 minutes, two points and a fine that was a third of what i should have gotten, my day was topped off with a ticket and a very gun friendly LEO.

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    Ah, to be young and immature again.

    I have to assume you're stationed in S.C.(?) The soldiers and sailors act allows you to have credentials (ID, DL, etc) of your home of record, the state in which you are assigned to permanent duty, or both. I would question the VA CHP.
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