Glock backup mag question.

This is a discussion on Glock backup mag question. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone carry, for example, a glock 26 with a 10 round mag in the gun but a 17-15 round mag for backup instead of ...

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Thread: Glock backup mag question.

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    Glock backup mag question.

    Does anyone carry, for example, a glock 26 with a 10 round mag in the gun but a 17-15 round mag for backup instead of another 10 round mag?

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    I wish I could,but I live in a 10rd only state,what a bunch of idiots.

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    My EDC is a G30 and I always have a G21 mag to feed my 30 if need be. A few extra rounds is always nice. That is the beauty of Glock.
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    26 or 19 with a 17 mag back most of the time..the 30 is carried with a 21 mag back...

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    13 +1 in my G23 and a full 13 rounder backup in a Blackhawk CQC.
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    I usually carry a regular size spare mag for my G27, but since you brought it up, I might start carrying a full size mag.
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    Carry 13+1 in my G23 and have a G22 15 round mag i can take instead of my spare 13-rounder. Also nice to use at the range, as it makes for a few extra rounds before having to reload.

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    I carry a 27 with a 23 mag as a spare. I also carry a 30 with a 21 mag as a spare.
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    G26 w/two reg mags or G19 w/two 15 round mags
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    I carry my 26 with spare 19 mags. usually, but I have two of the 10 rd. mags. that I sometimes have along. Basically depends on my mood at the time I guess.
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    I carry a G17, so it's not really an option for me. I guess I could carry a G18 33 round mag if I wanted to.
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    I've got the 13 rnd mags for my G23. I figure it's enough for me.

    I would like to get a hold of a couple of the new 22 rounders, for fun and maybe HD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spander View Post
    Does anyone carry, for example, a glock 26 with a 10 round mag in the gun but a 17-15 round mag for backup instead of another 10 round mag?

    My reloads for the Glock 26, which is my off duty BUG, are the same reloads for my Glock 19, which is my off duty "primary" gun.


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    I carry a G23. My second mag is a G22 mag.
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    My EDC: glock 26 with glock 19 15 round mag and an A&G mag spacer

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