Time to check in...

Time to check in...

This is a discussion on Time to check in... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK I have had my CLP for about a month and thought it might be tme to check in about my carrying experience. I started ...

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Thread: Time to check in...

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    Time to check in...

    OK I have had my CLP for about a month and thought it might be tme to check in about my carrying experience. I started thinking like many that evryone is watching me as I am out and about. WHat I found is... it appears very few people are paying attention. My SA is up and it is a simple check adn scan my surroundings. The biggestest difference I have expeirenced is how comfortable I have become in carrying my weapon. That is to say as it has been so hot here and I started carrying IWB but more and moreI am carrying often OWB but concealing with a shirt untucked but coving the weapon. My preference is to be concealed and I do not wish to print. I do check to make sure my weapon is not exposed because I do not want to alarm others around me in a diner or Lowes etc... Once I have checked myself for printing I do not worry about it and go about my business. I am very comfortable carrying these days but I do know that there is a responsibility that goes with carrying. I have also decided not to advertise or tell people that I am carrying friends or family because I would prefer the element of surprise but that is just me.... I am waiting on a custom rig that in due in within the next week or so and that will help as well. Overall this is turning out to be a positive experience.... Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome please.

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    Pretty typical.... now it's time to go get some training.

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    No one is paying attention to you or watching you, and if they do it the reason is not your firearm. Everybody becomes comfortable after carrying for a while; it happens very often that I forget that I am carrying.
    I do not go around and tell everybody that I carry a firearm, but people close to me know about it; I do not consider that what you call “element of surprise” shall also include family and close friends; but that is just me. It is good that our carrying experience is turning out to be a positive one .
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    I glad to hear everything is going good for you. Don't worry about people noticing, they won't and don't. Only someone looking for it will notice.
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