G26, Kahr CW9, or Kahr p9

G26, Kahr CW9, or Kahr p9

This is a discussion on G26, Kahr CW9, or Kahr p9 within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In about 2 weeks I'll have my CCP. I am debating one of these 3 guns and I need opinions. I have held all 3 ...

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Thread: G26, Kahr CW9, or Kahr p9

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    G26, Kahr CW9, or Kahr p9

    In about 2 weeks I'll have my CCP. I am debating one of these 3 guns and I need opinions. I have held all 3 of these. Haven't shot any of them though. I like the feel of all of them. I know that the p9 and the cw9 are the same size, but the barrel is different. And the engraving on the kahr's are different. I will be carrying on my side, not in a purse. I do like the feel of the Kahr on my side a little bit better than the Glock, however not enough to let this make my decision.

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    CW9 has rifled barrel instead of polygonal. Has cast slide release vs the P9 has a machined slide release. You are right about the engraving, and the CW has a 45 degree angle cut all the way down both top sides of the slide where the P9 is more contoured.

    Other than that...the CW9 will shoot just as accurate for SD purposes. There is "no" reason to choose the P9 over the CW9 for SD.....unless of course you want to get night sights on it. You can get them on a P9. The CW9 would have to be sent to Kahr to have them installed since the front of the slide is not dove tail milled for that type of sight.

    They are thinner and lighter than Glocks. Love my Kahrs. I have the CW9 and the PM9.

    You can't go wrong with the CW9 IMO.
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    I vote for the Kel-Tec PF9! Thinner and lighter and you could get two for the price of one Kahr! J/K, tough choice you have there......
    Carry on my friend~~

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    My first carry gun was a Glock 27. Awesome gun and very easy to conceal. I switched to a Kahr PM9 in recent years because it is much light and slimmer than the Glock. For me, it's just a lot more comfortable for IWB carry and I wouldn't go back.

    If the Glock's weight and width doesn't bother you, it's a higher capacity gun and less finicky than the Kahr when it comes to manual racking. I don't think you can really go wrong with either.

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    I have the CW40, same as the CW9 except in 40S&W, best DAO trigger of any I have tried.
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    Let me second the recommendation for the Kel-Tek PF-9. I use one as my EDC in a Minituck holster. I hardly know it's there. The older ones had some minor issues but the new ones are great right out of the box.

    Yes, you have a difficult decision to make but DO consider the Kel-Tek PF-9 and use the money you save for a good holster like the Minituck and some quality ammo. My choice is Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX.

    Sorry for sounding like an advertisement. I have no interest in either company other than being a very satisfied customer.

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    If you haven't shot a Glock yet I suggest you do so before buying one. Some people are right for glocks and some aren't. I say that not wanting to open a big can of worms. I carry a 26 by the way and am happy with it.

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    I carry my CW40 everyday and don't know its even there. I'd go with the CW series, much more accurate than the PM's...glocks are to bulky????

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    I prefer my Kahr over the Glock compact models. Mostly because I prefer the thinner frame, but I also prefer the trigger on the Kahr. I believe the triggers on the CW series may be different then the more expensive Kahr models but I am not entirely up on the details.

    I owned a Glock 26 and I sold it and now EDC a Kahr MK9.

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    Here's another nod for the CW9. Less chunky than the Glocks, and at least for my medium-large hands I can get a full 4-finger grip without resorting to pinky-extensions on the magazines. This is the gun that's at my side most of the time I'm home, and it's so light I hardly notice it's there.

    The one limitation I find is that the trigger guard is on the smallish side. If you are really ham-fisted or if you're wearing gloves, the CW9/P9 might not be the best choice.

    CW9 vs. P9... let your budget guide you. No functional, "downrange" difference 'twixt the two. The biggest drawback for me was that the CW9 only comes with one magazine, so make sure you budget to get a couple of spares (pricey). Do NOT get Pro Mags... useful only as paperweights.
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    try both

    Hello All
    possibly you could rent both and try out.
    My CW 9 has 500 rounds through it now without one malfunction.
    I have shot
    lellier & Bellot
    drt HP
    speer GD HP
    pretty easy to conceal and fairly light. i like the fact that the grip holds all three fingers. i wanted a thin frame gun that would be comfortable to carry. my holster is kholster to hide gun IWB.
    after 500 rounds i am shooting pretty good and feeling pretty confident in the CW9. paid 450 bucks plus tax.
    spare mag online was about 35.00$ shipped.
    thats just my experience.
    good luck

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    I love my CW9. Slim and light and 7+1 of 9mm sounds good to me. Great trigger and points very naturally for me (YMMV). My sister has also fired this gun (she's a little recoil shy) and she didn't really have any complaints. So far it eats up WWB fmj, Remington UMC fmj and Winchester SXZ9 jhp without a single glitch. Good luck on your choice :)
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    I am the OP husband, we are looking at these together, and I am trying to help her out. The cw9 does come with only one mag and the Glock mags are half the price of the Kahr mags so I can get two for one of the Kahr. The P9 for aesthetics and the lack of sharp edges, etc is IMO the better option. She also wants night sights, which as one of the other posters said, are laborious and probably expensive to get done through Kahr. She conceals the G26, and P9/CW9 equally well, andlike the feel of both guns for different reasons. I am a Glock armorer and could fix anything she would have problems with on her 26. I am not letting this change her opinion. Trying to let her pick, but I can get a Glock at LE price for almost 200 less than the Kahr, closer to 300 when you factor in night sights.
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    I have the Glock-26, and it would be my choice of your three...
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    CW9 is my choice.
    They have a nice soft grip cover you can get for it. Kahr site, suregrip or something. Like mine alot.
    Makes it nice when it's up against your skin, when it's raining, whatever.
    Averages 1" groupings at 25'.
    After that it spreads out. My eyes only go so far now a days.
    Easy to carry backup mags.

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