Going Glock.......maybe

Going Glock.......maybe

This is a discussion on Going Glock.......maybe within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I thinking of trading my Taurus Model 85 38 Special Ultra Lite/2" (5 shot) for a Glock 26. I traded my CZ75 compact for the ...

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Thread: Going Glock.......maybe

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    Going Glock.......maybe

    I thinking of trading my Taurus Model 85 38 Special Ultra Lite/2" (5 shot) for a Glock 26.

    I traded my CZ75 compact for the Taurus about six months ago. The CZ was All steel and loaded with 15 rounds was getting heavy for me.

    Carrying a 5 Shot snubby is nice and I like the gun but sometimes I feel a bit "under armed".

    I'm thinking the Glock 26 is fairly light and gives me twice the ammo.

    I Can't afford to keep both so I'm thinking of trading.

    The Glock 26 is a DAO so I'm wondering how the trigger pull is?

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    I would say go for it. I'm not a huge glock fan but I would say it's a serious upgrade from the Taurus.

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    The glock will be almost as conceable as your Taurus, the trigger will be better. I think the Glock comes with a 5.5 (+/-) pound trigger standard. It has a short take up and a short stroke once you're into the pull. It is more "shootable" than a 2" snubbie. The Glock's not really a pocket pistol IMO though some say they manage it. It carries easily either IWB or OWB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crankinNM View Post
    The Glock 26 is a DAO so I'm wondering how the trigger pull is?
    Striker fired actually. It makes for a shorter trigger pull than DAO. The factory trigger is about 4.5 to 5.5 lbs. You can install a 3.5 lb connector if you want it lighter or 8 lb connector to make it heavier. It's a good trigger, maybe not the best but it does the job well.
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    I carry my G26 daily stock, and it functions as a self defense tool just fine stock. You're right, 5 rounds is definitley on the low side for an EDC gun unless you have a speed loader handy when you're out and about.

    I also carry a 15 round G19 mag (all glock mag sizes are compatible in the same calibur) as a back up bringing my total EDC round count to 26.

    Trigger pull works for me, try a G26 first if you can. It seems like people either love or hate the glock trigger. As mentioned above, you can always change the trigger pull or change out the serated trigger for a smooth one.

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    I'd take any Glock over any Taurus any day... but that's just me!

    As for fewer rounds... practice a lot so your shots go where they do the most good and carry a spare magazine!
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    Better than most triggers in the sub compact size. I own 2 G26s and my wife and I love them. Have Kahr pm9, kel tec pf9 and the triggers are not as good.
    Had a SW642 and we both disliked that trigger compared to the G26. I pocket carry my G26 in a DeSantis pocket holster. I also have a Kramer OWB. Not all pants/shorts will accomodate pocket carry.

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    I would say do it and don't look back

    Unless you can find a way to keep your snubbie for a BUG, in addition to the 26
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    It is a trade that you will never regret.
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    You will notice that the Glock has a bit of take up before you find the actual trigger. This is nice because it adds safety. You will not need to worry about short stroking it like a DAO trigger because the take up has nothing to do with the action of the pistol.

    A G26 is allot of whoop in a tiny package, I could not immagine trading my G26 for a snubbie. I wouldnt immagine you would regret trading a snubbie for a G26. Just make sure it feels ok with your pinky under the mag.

    Oh, the G26 is no feather weight with 11 rounds of 9mm ammo in it either! I love mine, I love it to death. Its a little thick and a little heavy, but it is ultra simple and reliable.
    My GLOCK goes BANG every time!

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    Go with the trade...G26 all the way..
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    G26 works for me. I really believe in Glock,simple,reliable. I am more accurate at the range with the G26 than my XD9sc,go figure. I have fairly large hands,the G26 feels good.

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    Go for the G26....carry the 10 round mag in the gun and carry either a G17 or 19 as backup mag

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    On a technicality, the Glock is a Single Action Only not a Double Action Only, Double action means the pistol does not have to be cocked before fireing, A Glock has to be cocked by pulling the slide back and loading a round before firing, same as a Springfield XDM/XD. There is no way to have a round in the chamber without being cocked, but it actually is a single action only
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    I traded in my S&W 642 airweight in on a G26 myself. I, too, felt a little undergunned with only 5 rounds on board in the revolver.

    I'm normally a 1911 guy in the cooler months, but I never could shoot the little snub revolver as good as the 1911. My shots were still on target, but at a slower rate of fire. Then one day, I was at the gunshop and started comparing the physical size of the snubby to the G26. I found that they both happen to be the same dimension from the barrel down across the frame to the bottom rear corner of the grip. The G26 just has a little more mass at the rear of the slide whereas the snubby is nothing but empty air there.

    All it took me to trade for the G26 was a little time on the range with their rental G26. I found that I could fire off double taps among numerous targets just about as quick as I could with my 1911. This little baby Glock is the only Glock that points for me just like my 1911. All the other larger grip Glocks point muzzle high for me, so I had never even considered a Glock until my experience with the G26.

    I will agree that the snubby was a little more concealable for pocket carry due to its revolver shape and lighter weight. The only pocket that I really even carried it in anyway was my motorcycle jacket front pocket, since it would be quicker to deploy while on the bike vs. IWB carry in case of a "bikejacking". The G26 fits just as fine as the snubby did in my motorcycle jacket front pocket.

    I carry IWB 99% of the time anyway, and the G26 carries just about invisible in a Crossbreed Supertuck at 3:00. I don't mind stepping down in caliber from my 1911 in the warmer months since the most clothing a little 9mm would have to go through would be a T-shirt. When the cooler months arrive, its 1911 time again!

    As far as the DAO advertised action on the Glock, its not that bad at all as compared to a revolver DA. The Glock trigger feels more like a 2 stage trigger, and with a little range time, you can easily feel when the trigger is going to break when you feel it get to the 2nd stage. I put a 3.5 pound connector in mine and like it even more.

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