West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's

West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's

This is a discussion on West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello, I notice that this isn't getting much coverage or discussion anywhere else so I thought I would bring it up. In Las Vegas, Nevada ...

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Thread: West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's

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    West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's

    Hello, I notice that this isn't getting much coverage or discussion anywhere else so I thought I would bring it up.

    In Las Vegas, Nevada a former military man who graduated from West Point and Duke University was shot to death by three LEO's in a Costco last week. He had a Concealed Carry permit but management noticed his weapon and called the police. Many eye witness's say he never drew his weapon but LEO's say otherwise. We'll have to see how this plays out but there is a lot discussion here in Nevada.

    3 Officers Involved in Shooting at Summerlin Costco - KLAS-TV Channel 8 News Las Vegas

    Here is an eye witness account:

    "My wife and I were 7 or 8 feet away from the shooting as were the police. We were to the suspects immediate right. We heard and saw the 3 police officers shouting to the man in question to ‘get on your knees’ several times. At that point the man appeared somewhat stunned by the commotion and shouting of the police.

    His Right arm went up in a defenseless position and it appeared his left arm appeared to be going up but there was NO gun in his hand. He was taserd and shot at the same time. At no time did the man in question ever raise his voice, shout an obscenity or become confrontational with the police. We saw the disabled man stooping to his right facing us with what appeared to be a bullet wound in his upper chest with blood coming from the wound and immediately his eyes became glossy as he began to convulse. At this point he was no threat to anyone, both hands were in full view of us and there was no gun. As he was down, the police continued to shout ‘put the gun down’ several times…but there was no gun in his hand as we had full vantage point view. The injured man was having agonal respirations, he was down when the second volly of bullets rang out. There was no doubt in question that following the second barrage of bullets the man was dead. His girlfriend was to the back side of us and began to scream…..why did you kill him, he is a military man with a license to carry a concealed weapon. You didn’t need to kill him….you didn’t need to kill him.
    An officer then came up to the injured man who in my opinion was a ‘dead’ man’, was cuffed with his hands behind his back and no attempt by the officer to determine if the man was alive or dead. No apparent life saving aid was given to the ‘downed’ man. The man was totally lifeless when the Paramedics arrived on scene. I was absolutely surprised to see that no attempt at aggressive ACLS was engaged. They simply just picked up the body like a ’sack of potatoes’ and hurled him onto the gurney and into the ambulance This was a crime scene…. the crime scene was violated. One of the paramedics who attended to an injured elderly lady said the man was dead. There was a dead man in front of Costco. What nobody is talking about is that there were many many spectators, many like ourselves within just a few feet of the victim when the shots rang out. It seems to me that the greater danger was posed not by the victim but by the police who fired many shots in the vicinity of the innocent public. I agree with you, I hope the media and your friends family can get their hands of Costco’s Camera’s which will indeed tell the rest of the story. Also it must be confirmed whether the second gun supposedly found by the victims side was indeed also registered to him as a licensed conceal and carry."
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    First I've heard of it. With only one piece of testimony to go on, I'm reserving judgment, but it certainly sounds like it warrants further investigation at the very least.
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    I think this is already running over here:

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    that is an...unusually detailed account for an eyewitness to such an event....I find it hard to believe...I need to see a video, this witness sounds like he is playing the telephone game...with himself.
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    It is, in fact, already running as noted above.
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