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spouses views?

This is a discussion on spouses views? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife has no objections to me carrying and will shoot with me, but her carrying on her person has not happen yet......

View Poll Results: how does your spouse feel about your carrying?

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  • he/she feels comforted by it.

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  • Indifferent, doesn't care either way

    100 29.85%
  • Doesn't like it, and wishes I didn't carry

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Thread: spouses views?

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    Member Array VT RAIDER's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    My wife has no objections to me carrying and will shoot with me, but her carrying on her person has not happen yet...

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    Member Array Sandiesman00's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    We both carry and are very comfortable and confident with each ones abilities.

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    Senior Member Array cz75luver's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    My wife doesn't like guns and doesn't believe people should own guns, but likes that I carry.

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    New Member Array Flinch's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Can't vote in this one. The wife and I took the ccw course together at my request. I left the actual decision to carry up to her. She was alittle uncomfortable at first and didn't carry, inpart do to the fact the she cannot carry at work. Now when we go out at night or on the weekend she almost always has her gun with her. In fact, the other night we took the dog for a walk, she was in a hurry so did not go back in the house to grab my pistol. While we were walking she put her arm around me and noticed I did not have my gun. When I told her why she said that was okay, she had hers and she would protect me. Got to love her.

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    Member Array brylow's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    SE Michigan

    Wives and Guns

    My wife is now indifferent to me carrying unless we are going into a bad part of town. She seems to think that I don't need it 24/7 but tolerates it. Only time I get a weird look is when going to a family or social function. I don't drink so the alcohol problem is not a problem. Guess she figures among friends know arms needed. But you never know when or where the KaKa will hit the fan.

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    Cajun Country, Louisiana
    Quote Originally Posted by arffdog875 View Post
    My wife actually encourages me to carry, she does not want to carry herself until she gets more training and becomes more proficiant with her gun!
    My wife is EXACTLY the same way!

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    Member Array steelhawk's Avatar
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    I probably should know the answer to this question, but I don't. I carry all the time and my wife knows it. She has a permit, but doesn't carry unless she is out in the middle of nowhere.

    If she feels comforted by it, all the better, and I should find out, but she at least has accepted the fact that I carry.

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    Member Array halesb's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    My wife is indifferent because she knows I always carry, even at home. I never made it a big deal, and I think she appreciated it more. She knows that if I have clothes on, I have a carry gun on me, somewhere....

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    VIP Member Array tcox4freedom's Avatar
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    South Carolina USA
    You need to add another choice.

    "He/she carry's too!"

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    VIP Member Array OldVet's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I voted "indifferent" but I was leaning toward "doesn't like it." She's never really said so, has asked a few times if I had my gun, but I think she'd rather I didn't.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
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    Senior Member Array Keltyke's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Spartanburg, SC
    My wife has my back and I have hers. In an attack, there will be two guns aimed at the BG. If I'm not there, she's 100% capable. She also tells me she thinks it's comfortingly sexy for me to be willing to go in harm's way to protect her.

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    Senior Member Array RemMod597's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Snohomish County, WA
    Heck, my wife has been carrying longer than I have.

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    Member Array quincy07's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Bolingbrook, IL
    when i lived in utah my wife was indifferent but didnt understand why i chose to carry a firearm. now that we have moved to illinois carrying isnt an option at this point so the issue doesnt come up much.

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    Member Array fl21289's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    My wife is going to get her conceal license too and a .380 this year.. ;) need to train your woman

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    New Member Array Spencer's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Oklahoma City
    My wife is a Marine and a police officer. She doesn't care if I carry because she has her own gun. And she carries a .45ACP
    "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." ~Will Rogers

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