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This is a discussion on spouses views? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife knows I am always armed, but she has never said anything one way or the other....

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Thread: spouses views?

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    My wife knows I am always armed, but she has never said anything one way or the other.

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    My wife was not happy about it at first but has now gotten used to it when we travel out of state. She feels more comfortable when I do plus we now have a kid and she feels safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
    My wife is a Marine and a police officer. She doesn't care if I carry because she has her own gun. And she carries a .45ACP
    That's interesting, do you know whether she thinks that maybe she's the only one who should be carrying because she's the one with the high speed training and experience? Or are you a LEO, too? Or a Marine?
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    Feb 2010
    mine dont like that i carry but when see hears something outside or gets a bad feeling out som where first thing she ask is wheres your gun lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCWFlaRuger View Post
    It is just a matter of time until she carries as well. She will be taking the course at the next Tampa Gun Show. But for now, she is content that I am armed.

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    I'm like a lot of others. My wife just thinks it's a man thing!

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    Wife carries about 80% of the time I carry anytime I leave the house except when I'm at work. So she is all good with it and actually checks to make sure which gun I'm carrying so that we have ammo interchangability...
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    I started to carry and she was all for it! We just went to the gun store and she "tried on" Glocks, Smiths, Rugers, etc. She is ready to get her permit after learning to shoot her new handgun (when we get it, I am hitting the Gun Shows)!

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    She does not like guns..but its not a deal breaker...she just does not get and when I mean get I really mean GET the reason behind it...when she sees me with it she will just shake her head or say why do you have that..or seem disgusted that I have it...and then on occasion I will point out the reasons that I have it..see something on TV or a situation that happened..and I will say THAT is why I carry a gun...she still does not get it but as I said its a minor annoyance...she just does not like guns...I am in LE and she knows I carry one and she just does not like guns but its not like she is ANTI gun she just does not like them... Im guessing its getting robbed at gunpoint 2X with gun in her face at the Bank she used to work at that has her like this...but what can I say..

    Now had she been a anti gun nut that refused to do anything with me because I CC or soemthing like that id have ended the realtionship right there...but she is not..she can even shoot the Taurus CH85 in case she ever needs to I made sure she at least understood that much..so its not all bad she just does not get the part that there is crap that can happen anywhere at any time and thats what im trying to prepare for the best I can.

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    Hubby will ask if I have it on. He does not carry, but has a ccw. Right now he does not have a gun that is concealable (GP100 and a super redhawk).

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    My wife feels comforted by it...when she's not carrying herself. I just need to find a way for her to carry more comfortably so that she'll carry more often. I think a smaller gun is in order.

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    My wife is pretty anti-carry. She once really got on me for CCW, illegally. She said to get a permit. Well, there is no CCW permit in WI, so I bought a beautiful Galco, and I OC now. She hates it worse. It's a battle.

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    My wife had a close friend of her family killed by her husband using a handgun. This set her opinion of all firearms and the people who owm them unfortunalty. It took quite a while of talks however I wore her down to the point she was comfortable to come shooting with myself and a few friends. After she saw that we were not all crazy she even got the courage to shoot a little (albeit a .22) as well. That was a few years ago, she now has no problems with me carrying. I love when we can be out all day and at the end she gives me a hug and finally realises I was carrying all day and she never knew. I highly doubt she will ever carry herself but it is nice to see that she would rethink her formally anti-gun position.
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    My wife is comforted by me carrying....and is considering getting her permit soon.
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    I could have checked two answers. She's uneasy about it, and doesn't like the fact that I should carry, but she is comforted by it.

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