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This is a discussion on spouses views? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Interesting topic. My wife is "OK" with guns...and even teases me about having a better range day than me a looooong time ago but its ...

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Thread: spouses views?

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    Interesting topic.

    My wife is "OK" with guns...and even teases me about having a better range day than me a looooong time ago but its not exactly an issue either. When she sees me with it on she either shakes her head or says "why do you have that on when you are only working in the yard"...or "working on the vehicles"...or "sitting on the couch"...or even "we are only going into town for a quick trip". We live in a good neighborhood but on occasion, she too will be watching a news story or violent TV show and I will point out that "THAT is why I carry a gun"...and "the bad guys travel too". She knows I work with LEO's all the time and am very good friends with more than a few, she knows they carry and she is not ANTI gun. I guess she just doesn't see the point...yet...and I think she feels I am being paranoid.

    I will say that when she sees or hears about a very bad incident, I don't hear any comments...for a while. Maybe I need to take her to the range for some fun...I mean training...

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    My wife (executive), daughter (nurse), and son (lawyer) all carry.
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    Today, my wife again brought up the subject. She said she would have no flexability on it. Let me back up...

    I clearly recall when we were dating, I'd come to visit her at home. I'd walk in, clear my pistol, and slide it under her couch, right in front of her. This went on for years. Back to now...

    No flexability she said. She said that if I carried, she would leave. I told her that there was a legal way, it was open carry, legal all over the state, and endorsed by the DA and Governor as legal. She said she couldn't "deal with that" either, and reaffirmed her no flexability statement. I told her that she should get a lawyer, and start to pack.

    We've been married since 1994, and dated/engaged for at least three years prior to that. Three kids.

    And it's not even a gun rights thing, it's a bully thing. The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to the bully. She has dominated my existence since the day we met. I obviously yeild too often, for her to just stomp her foot, and make an ultimatum. Shame on me for letting this get to this level before standing firm. Should have been a long time ago...
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    I'll say that my wife is a hypocrite. I'm a law enforcement officer, she's a 911 dispatcher. We dated and married while we were in our respective jobs. You would think, knowing that I'm a cop, that she would know up front that I carried. She comes from a back ground that only cops and military should have guns while I'm very pro on the 2nd amendment. While dating she was uncomfortable with me carrying. This became one of many "this is me, accept me as I am or go away" points. We've now been married six years. She's still mildly anti-gun BUT when I work nights, she wants a gun available to her. At one time she asked me to buy her a gun which I did, a nice S&W model 34. She's shot it a few times but has no enthusiasm. She now expects me to be armed and has been comforted by it on occasion. Although she's changed her position some on her own accord, the prior 50 years of anti-gun sentiment is hard for her to put aside.

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    I had my permit before my wife and I met. She was not anti-gun or even disliked guns, she was just indifferent about them. I have taken her shooting a few times and even bought a Ruger 22/45 for her to shoot. She is still pretty indifferent about guns in general and I don't really see her getting into th shooting sports. In regards to carry, she started out rolling her eyes and acting like I was being paranoid and that we would be fine. Now she generally just accepts that I have it and doesn't really say anything one way or the other. She has just gotten used to it. I have been trying to encourage her to take the class and get her permit as she is always out and about. She even goes to the grocery store really late at night after I have gone to bed. She is a night owl and often doesn't hit the sack until 2:30 AM. In any case, I would feel better if she had some means of protection, but she just doesn't see the need yet. That goes for any means of protection, guns, pepper spray, taser, etc. She could use her purse, it's heavy enough to be a great head bashing tool. I am afraid it is going to take something happening to her to get her to change that viewpoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edclacro View Post
    I'm like a lot of others. My wife just thinks it's a man thing!
    Mine too..
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