The Wife Has Seen the "Light"!

The Wife Has Seen the "Light"!

This is a discussion on The Wife Has Seen the "Light"! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife has seen the LIGHT! I'm traveling during the week, home most weekends, and both my grown children are out of the house. We ...

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Thread: The Wife Has Seen the "Light"!

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    Exclamation The Wife Has Seen the "Light"!

    My wife has seen the LIGHT! I'm traveling during the week, home most weekends, and both my grown children are out of the house. We don't live in a high crime area, but in the last 20+ years my home has been broken into 5 times and we have had one daylight HOME INVASION! We've been lucky so far, only lost some belongings, BUT look at those odds. In 20 years 5 of them were "break-in-years", that's 25%! Not good odds, I am not counting the home invasion, that's got it's own 100% fear factor!

    So my wife says (knowing that I am carrying and have a HCP) "What do I do to protect myself, you have your gun?". So, out comes the Mossberg 12ga model 500 "crowd pleaser" and off we go to my hunting club lease for some practice! She is all for it, I grew up with guns but she was up to now been a "no guns" girl, absolutely no experience, not even with a .22. She would not even consider going to the range with me, much less shooting! Now she wants her own HCP and a Glock like mine in 9mm (I carry a Glock 33 in .357 Sig)!

    How bout them apples, she has seen the "light"!

    The Duke
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    My wife grew up with 3 brothers all considerably older than her. They all hunted so having guns in the house was a common as a light switch or table lamp. She got her CCDW permit two years ago. Whil she was familure with guns, their operation and potential, what she gained in the CCDW class was priceless. The reasons for shooting someone, the circumstances under which you may use deadly force and the knowledge to know the difference. The instructor (who was damn good) presented some scenarios in addition to the material required by the State of Kentucky that was thought provoking.

    I recommend anyone even remotely interested in carring a gun taking a good CC weapons cource whether they will ever carry a gun or not. The instructor for her class would limit the students to a maximum of 15. His thoughts being that any more did not give him enough time to work with each individual and answer questions. Her class was a total of 8 hours 6 in the class room and allowed 2 hours for all of the students range work which came down to about 20 or so minutes with each person in live fire exercise. Some students were already well trained - other needed stance and grip work.

    The classroom time though was the most important part of all in my opinion. There is no substute for knowing and understanding the law and how it applies in in your state.

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    Well said Craig. My wife wants to now get her permit. The instructor where I went even encourages spouses who went before to go along, free of charge. I might learn something new and she gets moral support.
    Duke,btw my wife now has her eye on two guns! My reason of different guns for different situations is now on the other foot.

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    I'd be taking her to gun shops and jewelry stores (mix the two up a bit...she'll like it), get her to the range, have her get her permit, and share the crime stories with her...keep building her up. Soon she'll own your gun collection.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I'm glad she saw the "light". My wife didn't grow up with guns and was not a shooter until she met me. We applied for our permits at the same time and she's been willing to take the steps to help protect herself. I've been thankful that she was very open to both of us protecting ourselves. I guess she's watched enough news reports to realize that she doesn't want to be one of the victims she see's being loaded in an ambulance.........that's some "light" right there.
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    That was very good! You must feel much better not when your wife realizes how important is to be able to defend herself.
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    That's good news!
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    Time to see the light

    It's time for you to move. You've seen all the signs, time to act...the next time might not be a nonviolent encounter. I would never "play the odds" that you are playing with my or my loved one's safety. If you've been broken into that many times and you travel a lot, I would suggest that you look for habitation elsewhere for the safey of your loved ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DukeShooter View Post
    So my wife says (knowing that I am carrying and have a HCP) "What do I do to protect myself, you have your gun?".
    A built-in fear factor, indeed. That's about all it takes, with most folks who aren't "into" guns. It's not about being a "gun person." It's about being intelligent about risks, and about being prepared for situations. In a bad, fast-moving situation, you can't use what you don't have with you ... whether that be H2H fighting skills, or some other, man-made weapon and related training.

    DS, glad to see she's no on the bandwagon with respect to full support of the security plan. (Be prepared for her to begin out-shooting you, at the range.) As for the odds of break-ins at your home, a 20% chance in a given year (as evidenced by your break-in rate) isn't good. Most folks don't experience one or two in an entire lifetime. You should rethink the ranch, in terms of location, perimeter strength and its ability to withstand attack, your security layers that are in place to thwart attack (hardened doors/windows, better planting around the windows, monitored alarm, cameras, dogs, being armed while you're awake, etc). At some point, a break-in is going to harm someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I'd be taking her to gun shops and jewelry stores (mix the two up a bit...she'll like it), get her to the range, have her get her permit, and share the crime stories with her...keep building her up. Soon she'll own your gun collection.
    ^^^^^^Ya gotta give it to ret,he's a thinker^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!

    And when she owns YOUR gun collection, that gives you license to start your own all over again, right???

    Its good when people "see" the light before they really see the light, down that narrow long tunnel.

    It suprises me that with all that drama you had prior ( all the B n E's and such) she was not on board sooner
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    Nice! My wife's class is Sat with a member here.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

    "Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son." Josh Thompson "Way Out Here"

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    I'm thinking she's going to get an especially nice gift this year!

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    My wife changed her opinion when I pointed out that if I were shot I would be relying on her to save mine & her life. Quickly after that she got her carry permit and I gave her a .38. She is still a little aprehensive but determined to make it work.

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    Great news and congratulations.

    Safe travels (& home!) to you both.

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    Very Nice! Not only as something to help protect herself, but she will probably enjoy the practice part as well. Good on her!
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