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Does weight really bother you?

This is a discussion on Does weight really bother you? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yup - it bothers me. As someone else stated, I think it's not only a good holster & belt but also health & size. I've ...

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Thread: Does weight really bother you?

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    Yup - it bothers me.
    As someone else stated, I think it's not only a good holster & belt but also health & size.
    I've got a bad back, bad neck, and am extremely short (UNDER 5'4) and while not thin nor husky, don't think I could 'conceal' a 5" or large handgun very well.
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    Weight does not bother me. The amount of clothing that I have to wear to conceal the added weight does. Especially during the summer. I carry differently in the Summer compared to the Fall and Winter.
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    It depends on the rig. A LONG time ago.. when I first started carrying I was carrying a Stainless Ultra Carry Kimber in a crappy nylon IWB holster. I was late for work one morning and just clipped it on to the inside of a skirt with no belt and ran out the door. Before I even made it to the car I felt my waistband sagging and digging into my side and I knew it was going to be a LONG day.

    I was so uncomfortable. The gun pulled. My skirt dug into my side. The holster flopped all over the place and I thought for sure I was going to lose my gun a couple of times. It was probably the worst carry day or my life as far as comfort was concerned.

    I learned fast that a good carry rig can really make the difference in carrying a larger gun.

    A good gun belt and a study holster that distributes the weight can and will make all of the difference.

    Now I generally carry a 4.1" bbl, full frame, all steel 1911 and a spare mag and a K-Bar TDI without a second thought and all while remaining very comfortable. Holster and gun belt do make a huge difference.

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    A P3at was my first carry gun. A while ago I switched to a 340pd--at 110z it's not noticeably heavier but packs a lot more punch and is utterly reliable. The 3at is a great little gun, esp for the price, and I keep it around for situations where the bulge of the 340 might be noticed but that's usually not a problem.

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    I use a wilderness belt for carry. Its polymer lined so its stiff. Also I have two custom leather gun belts one is also polymer lined. I use Galco holsters for everyday use and have been quite happy. I carry a HK P30 or a XDM 3.8 usually. At my friends ranch I strapped on a SW 500 with no issues. We ran into town to pick something up real fast so I threw a vest on and it concealed fine if you can believe that! Heavy? Yes but that was a RARE event!

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    Well, carrying a 27lb handgun does make one tired at the end of the day. My wife says I'm 25lb overweight but I say it's the gun! I did figure out a little trick a few days ago when first carrying a Colt Commander 45. I wear Perry suspenders as I have no hips, at least I haven't seen them for a long time.

    I moved the back belt clip closer to the gun and it worked really well. The load felt no different than my little PM9 other than noticeable when sitting down - but that's probably because of the soft suede IWB holster. I have a Tucker Silent Thunder on the way for it. Funny though, I got carried away and bought 2 10rd mags for it and that's gonna be fun to carry.

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    My Ruger 5 shot pistol gets rather heavy in my purse for frequent shopping trips. That is why the hubby got me a Ruger LCP for my pocket. I have arthritis in my spine, shoulders, hands and legs. Weight is a issue for me. When we go to the city...I still take my pistol, but always...ALWAYS have my LCP on my person. For shopping trips and short errands...LCP is my choice.
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    A G21 and extra mag is about my limit for carrying all day... I prefer my G23 a little smaller and lighter. I agree with the above a good holster and belt is a must! With the right combo you can carry all day and almost forget about it!
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