Does weight really bother you?

Does weight really bother you?

This is a discussion on Does weight really bother you? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can carry anything as long is i have a good holster and belt. Seems like alot of people shy away from bigger carry guns ...

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Thread: Does weight really bother you?

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    Does weight really bother you?

    I can carry anything as long is i have a good holster and belt. Seems like alot of people shy away from bigger carry guns because of weight and size issues when otherwise they would carry that gun. Why not just get a better holster and belt, and carry the gun you want to carry anyway. I carry nothing but my full size XDM, my 3 inch Ruger, and my 4 inch .22, I just like that .22 as a boot gun. To me, I want the bigger guns, more accuracy and ammo in a situation in which I will need all the help I can get. Dress around the gun, instead of dressing and then picking a gun. Personally I just wear what is comfortable and OC if I cannot hide my gun well. I prefer CC, but sometimes I have to OC to carry the gun I want. Also, is there anyone else here who carries a specific model of gun because you like it really well, but you do not know exactly what it is that you like about it?
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    Normally when I'm running around and not at work I actually use a cloth belt. Not one with a regular buckle, the kind with the two metal loops that you fold the belt back through. I'm sure there's a name for them but I don't care enough to look it up. That's honestly good enough to hold my M&P .40c up. At work I wear a leather belt and weight actually bothers me just a bit. I feel like I should be wearing the belt halfway between two of the holes. One is a bit too loose and one too tight. I need to fix it.
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    yepper. i carry a small light weight gun and still have some neck and back problem due to it if i carry for a long period of time (had a post about that a little while back).
    Im a lil gal and if i carried a much eavier gun i think my spine would crack in half.
    as for size, again being pretty skinny, i dont have a lot of placed to hide a big gun.
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    I carry a an M&P compact and it's fairly heavy when loaded. I don't like the weight of it constantly pulling down on my belt especially when walking. I feel constant downward tugging on my pants. I now use a modified belly band that supports the weight of the gun and is extremely comfortable. Now, I hardly feel the weight at all.

    I can imagine people select little guns that are light and easy to fit in their pocket with 5 or so rounds. This comes at a cost of less fire power. (if you believe in fire power that is)
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    For me 32oz's fully loaded is about my limit before it starts getting on my nerves.
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    In my pocket a P3AT doesn't bother me at all.
    IWB strong side carry with a good belt: Glock 23 with a full magazine is about my weight limit.

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    Full size steel 1911 and two extra mags doesn't bother me at all. But I've carried a lot heavier loads in a lot of crappy situations, ao we will see how the health of my back/knees is in the future.
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    Can't stand too much weight. That's why I like my Kahr CW9, PM9, and Ruger LCR.
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    For me, weight is an issue, in many ways. And at my size, "dressing around" is not always an option. My G30 is about the limit, and that's Pushing it. A G36 grows more appealing.
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    Handgun wight bothers me due to the kind of work I do. On the otherhand, casual carry is not a real issue until I get into the 25+ oz catagory.

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    Wore a Sam Browne Belt for 22 years. So a medium-large frame handgun in a quality holster, with a quality double thickness belt is a comforting feeling. Only time I realize the weight is if I'm carrying two extra magazines. You live with it, get use to it, and adjust the set up to your comfort level and lifestyle choices. You might try shifting the gun position on your belt, even a slight change can make a difference on how it wears on your back. Also make sure your pants have good belt loops to allow for the weapon system. Ever notice how much better a holster rig feels with jeans? Also this is why we all have several different weapons, holsters and belts to match the occasion.

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    With a quality holster and belt, weight isn't too much of an issue unless I get carried away. Size is often a factor, especially when working around the farm, a gun on my belt often gets in the way while a small gun in my pocket is almost un-noticed.
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    Light and small bother me me while shooting far more than heavy bothers my while carrying.

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    I love my full-size Springfield Armory 1911 TRP. It's not a small gun. My favorite carry method is in an Alessi bodyguard shoulder holster, as I can carry the beast all day along with two extra mags without any real issues.

    It is a bit discomforting having it pointing back at the family while driving, but you have to trust your gun not to start shooting "by itself" I think or else you shouldn't carry it in the first place.

    This is pretty much the main reason why I switched to Open Carry full time now that I think about it.
    In the Marine Corps I carried one of the standard Beretta M9 service pistols in a traditional duty holster. Now it's a 1911 in a SuperTuck. I'm glad for the upgrade.

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    The longer I have been carrying the lighter the weapon choice has become. Over 20yrs ago it was the Colt 1911, today I'm sitting here with my 642.
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