Things I learned this summer

Things I learned this summer

This is a discussion on Things I learned this summer within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Welll I have had my CCW about 5 weeks. I went to a small family reunion this summer in Utah. The men stated talking about ...

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Thread: Things I learned this summer

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    Things I learned this summer

    Welll I have had my CCW about 5 weeks. I went to a small family reunion this summer in Utah. The men stated talking about guns and I proudly announced that wife and I had applied for CCW permits. Son in law #1 has had a permit as long as I have known him. Son in law #2 announced he had a permit ( I had no idea), long lost cousin from WA ( state) announced he had a permit and finally brother in law from CA announced he travels with a gun. So way more than half of the familys represented either had a gun on their person or at least one in the car. Next point... I just finished an 8500 mile road trip to the East coast and was stopped at a campground in Illionis. ( no CCW rights period!) My license plate frame mentions the second ammendment. A fellow camper walked by, read my plate frame, turned around and walked back to me and said so I guess you are being a little more careful with your concealed weapon too. I said don't ask me questions and I won't lie to you. He just smiled. I guess my point is that I discoverd that there is a whole world of people that take personal safety and gun rights serious, just like me. My eyes have been opened regarding the "silent army" of individuals that don't boast, brag, flash or walk around with an attitude they just fit in like every body else but are prepared to protect where ever they might be. It's wonderful to know in spite of everything that's going on that liberal ideas have not changed the core values of this country.
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    It's nice to find out some good people you know are carrying.

    The "silent army" is growing.

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    Also I think more people are realizing we that legally carry arent having gun battles in the streets. I remember when Texas got CHL's. Right before it was signed into law there was all this talk of people gunning each other down in the streets and walking into a place to eat with people taking off jackets and seeing guns all over the place (which is stupid because its concealed carry but you get the idea). I had a senior pastor church who found out from my wife that I taught CHL classes. I ended up teaching the whole pastoral staff. The discussion of open carry is constantly brought up in Texas and the anti gun crowd is right back at it with reverting to the old west and gun battles. its just ignorant. I focus more on educating anti gun folks and try to debunk the Brady hype which is easy because they use incorrect data and skew the truth.

    But yes it is comforting to talk to fellow people who carry legally. They are not mall ninjas or LEO wannabes. They are dad, moms, grandparents, doctors, businessmen and women, etc. Everyday good guys.

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    We are growing...Lets keep it that way..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    While a 2nd Amendment supporter, I would think having supporting license plates advertises that you have a gun, much like the "Protected by Smith & Wesson" stickers. If stopped, no question the LEO will ask about you carrying. For me I'd rather stealth carry.

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