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How much of a deterrent is the red dot of a laser?

This is a discussion on How much of a deterrent is the red dot of a laser? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 So you find them a "TARGET BEACON?" They are an aid in LOW light conditions, or inside shooting where ...

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Thread: How much of a deterrent is the red dot of a laser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    So you find them a "TARGET BEACON?" They are an aid in LOW light conditions, or inside shooting where you can see your target with, or without, a laser. If you were you using yours in NO light conditions you probably shouldn't be shooting at things you can't see.
    Yes I would, same as a weapon mounted light. In a low light situation, your giving me a bright red spot directly in front of you to shoot at. Ever wonder why there are so many gun hand/arm wounds in a shootout? Because people become fixated on the gun. By adding a Christmas light to it, you've made it that much more attractive as a target. Lasers have there place and if they fit in with someone's needs, good for them, as long as they know the positves AND negatives of it.
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    The money you spent on the laser was money you should have spent on professional training and ammo.
    You know, I've heard that said numerous times and it never made sense to me. When did it become an either or? Do I have to choose between antilock brakes and airbags in my pickup? Yeah, if someone were so broke that buying a laser meant they then couldn't afford ammo, you might bev right. But how many times is that the case?

    A laser is just a tool, a nice tool to have at your disposal. I wouldn't use mine for every situation.

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    Deterrent? Same as the other Internet myth. "Racking a shotgun makes the BG run away."

    Horse hockey.

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    Perhaps it could be, but I will definitely not be waiting until the BG discovers the red dot on his chest. And remember, movies are just that, movies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    YES, [a laser 'sight'] CAN possibly be a deterrent and that is a proved fact ...
    A proven fact? How so?
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    Someone won't even know there is a red dot on their chest, and if you have time to put a laser light and wait for them to notice... you should never had pulled your gun. I think lasers are useless.... as who's going to have or take the time to look for that red dot and have it on the right target.... the BG would have already been shooting at you by then so you are already behind the power curve.

    Point ... and shoot. Forget the "dot" .

    Now, if you are talking an AR... I have a different opinion there.
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    I'm going to throw out some thoughts on the subject, I'll let other decide how effective they are for a CCw'er as a deterrent. Our issued laser designator unit has several modes, including a visible laser mode. The unit is attached to the rails of our M-16's. During daytime the laser wasn't really bright enough to see or be useful. At night or in low light we would use them a fair bit. When you put a laser on someone in the middle of the night they tend to do what you want them to, but they do need to see the laser to do so. This is, of course, more similar to how a LEO could use the weapon as a deterrent. For HD it could work, although it takes away some of the surprise you have against the BG, and you will have to be willing to use your firearm in case the laser doesn't deter the BG at all.

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet, is that laser can be a great deterrent to dogs. That is what we used them for the most, the dogs would generally stop barking and run away when a laser was flashed in their eyes. They didn't seem to like it, just something to think about.
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    Is a laser a deterrent? NO
    Could it be a deterrent? YES

    I think "Could" is the keyword here, it simply depends on the particular situation. Aside from lasers this "deterrent, or not" factor can apply to other devices as well.
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    Don't believe everything you see in the movies. And I doubt anyone who is causing you to aim your pistol at them will even notice the little red dot made by the laser sight - chances are your attacker won't be stopping every couple of steps to look at their chest (COM) for the dot... and if it's on their forehead, they won't be able to see it in any case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    A positive training tool, but certainly not a deterrent.
    Agree . . . has improved my trigger control; has enabled me to hit intended target without my corrective eyeglasses on; has significantly improved my unaimed 'point-shoot' body motions and indexing. But I would never (yup, that's the 'n' word) use it as a deterrent. JMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    Pay no attention to the movies.

    My thoughts:

    - Lasers are excellent for practice of good trigger control
    - Lasers are probably useful only if you cannot get a typical eye-to-sights picture (i.e. shooting from under furniture or a blockade of sorts where the sights cannot be aligned with the eye)- I don't think most average shooters, in a home invasion scenario, will have the cool to actually make sure his laser dot is pointed where it should be
    - Lasers can and will give away your position
    - Lasers rely on batteries to operate. Iron sights or night sights work without batteries.
    - If someone is far enough way from you to doubt your accuracy with a pistol, then you either need a rifle, shotgun or they may be far enough away that they are not an immediate threat.
    I think the bolded statement has some benefit, in that it would allow accurate aiming when a less than perfect stance and grip are required. IE your pinned down on your back by a bad guy but are able to twist your wrist enough to put the red dot on his temple. "Say goodnight Gracie".

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinokur View Post
    Deterrent? Same as the other Internet myth. "Racking a shotgun makes the BG run away."

    Horse hockey.
    Have you ever tried it?

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    Originally Posted by swinokur
    Deterrent? Same as the other Internet myth. "Racking a shotgun makes the BG run away."

    Horse hockey.

    Actually there have been studies done and the red dot can be a deterrent according to Police & Police departments worldwide.
    Again it's keywords "can be" and (of course) not in every scenario.

    Quote Originally Posted by SnareMan View Post
    Have you ever tried it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    This is going to be a long month. Only nine days in and we've already started the "laser" discussion.

    I vote for them.
    Bahaha agreed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnareMan View Post
    How did you like the course?
    I liked it a lot. it was the first time that I shot enough to break the one bad habit I had. My shooting improved immeasurably after taking that class. I really need to go back and take levels 4-5.
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