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This is a discussion on Multiple gun carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many of you carry more than one gun? I carry my P3AT in my weak side front pocket even if I'm carrying one or ...

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Thread: Multiple gun carry

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    Question Multiple gun carry

    How many of you carry more than one gun? I carry my P3AT in my weak side front pocket even if I'm carrying one or more of my primary guns. Any other "two gun Toms" or, "three gun Teddys" out there?
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    Two most of the time. Soon three. You don't ever want to be out gunned!

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    Allways 1 , usualy 2
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    Two for me. Sometimes three.
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    Constant, is the 226 EDC, 16/7.

    It is rare I do not have ''Mr Mouse'' - the 22 mag NAA mini in a pocket - usually vest which is on back of office seat when not in use.

    A third or alternative second would be R9 - either pocket, ankle rig, or as now possible, maybe even in the Ken Null ''SMZ'' mini sho' rig.

    As I spend so much time at home/office, I am not usually carrying other than 1 - tho other ''options'' exist here and there ''around the place'' - like 870 right now 12" from my right arm .
    Chris - P95
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    two with two knifes as well. but only when I am on duty. If off duty then normaly just one with extra mags.

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    I carry my 640-1 or 65-3 on my hip and my 642-2 in a front

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    Two guns

    Two most of the time.Both in Milt Sparks VM2's,1911 on the right and S&W J frame airweight on the left.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Two for me

    I usually carry both the XD45 4" and Ruger SP101. The XD on right hip about 3:00 and the SP101 in my left front pocket.

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    Just one Glock. , and a fully armed and loaded "BUW" (Back up Wife) That's a "Back up Weapon" - not a "Wife in Waiting"....can't afford one of those, don't want to, no use for one.....
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    Usually one on the belt. Occasionally a BUG on the ankle, but not too often.
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    Always one (Glock 19, IWB at 4:00), and usually a BUG (Taurus 85, A-IWB). And of course, my knives.
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    Always two, a Gov't 1911 as primary and either a Colt Combat Cobra, Walther P99c or KelTec P3at as a backup.

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    Like P 95 , I carry my NAA .22 revo.
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    Just one for now, but am looking into BUG's. I've got a couple models in mind and just have to make the choice. And make the money.
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