Non-resident carry in CA

Non-resident carry in CA

This is a discussion on Non-resident carry in CA within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm sure this has been asked elsewhere, but I can't find the answers I'm looking for. So, sorry in advance if this is redundant... What ...

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Thread: Non-resident carry in CA

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    Non-resident carry in CA

    I'm sure this has been asked elsewhere, but I can't find the answers I'm looking for. So, sorry in advance if this is redundant...

    What are the rules for non-resident open carry in CA? Same as resident?

    Is there any provision for a non-resident to be able to get a CA CWP if their company headquarters is there and if they have to travel there frequently?

    What about non-resident transportation of firearms? I saw a suggestion from someone about having the firearm in one locked case and the ammo in a separate locked case and both of those in the trunk. Wow, sounds more like a Houdini trick than self defense

    What about a non-resident in a hotel?

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    According to (, California doesn't issue non-resident permits. The answers to your other questions may be there as well.
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    1,009 seems to be a pretty good and complete rundown of your questions, although it states:

    "This document is an abridged list of all relevant California laws for citizens who do not have a CCW permit but otherwise choose
    to legally carry or transport firearms."...I'm assuming 'citizens' means any citizen, not just California residents, but with California, it's always worth triple checking because you never know what they came up with.

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    Unless you have some pull with LE, there is no provision CURRENTLY in CA for non-resident concealed carry. There is a case now in the courts addressing that issue now though. And there are other cases in federal courts regarding CA's CCW and other gun control laws. Much can change by next summer. It is possible to get CCW permits with a 60-day duration but I'm not sure of the process for that. I'd expect it would have to be issued by the sheriff in the county of your temporary residence in CA.

    Open carry in CA right now is fraught with problems. Technically, in counties with less than 200K population, it's legal. But then you have schools and other gun-free zones to watch out for, plus too many LEO who don't know that you can carry UNLOADED with a magazine on your belt. Too often, LE tends to go into felony-stop mode. They are actually limited to confirming that the handgun is not loaded and that it is not stolen. They may not write the S/N down or take the handgun back to the patrol car to run the serial numbers.

    A non-resident, same as a resident, can travel with an unloaded handgun in a locked container that is not the glove box or console of a vehicle. For example, a COM locked case on the passenger seat holding an empty 1911 and a loaded magazine. That is legal. The bullets can be in the magazine but the magazine cannot be in the pistol, and the chamber must be empty. Do not travel with any evidence of a gun in plain view.

    As anywhere in the US, if you are pulled over and LE asks if you are in possession of any guns, simply reply that you have nothing illegal in your vehicle. If he asks again, repeat your answer and ask if you are free to go. He will either say that you can leave, or not. If not, ask why you are being detained. Unless he gives you the probable cause for your detainment, and his suspicion or gut feeling are not adequate for PC, you will either leave with his permission, or likely start to the journey of a lawsuit against that agency and the city or county. You might also request his supervisor to be on site. Last item, camcorders and voice recorders are your friends. CA LEO, like those in other states, pay special attention to out-of-state licenses.

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