USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association

USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association

This is a discussion on USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is anybody out there a member of USCCA, or were previously? Just curious if it's worth the membership fees. Thanks DB...

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Thread: USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association

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    USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association

    Is anybody out there a member of USCCA, or were previously?
    Just curious if it's worth the membership fees.


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    I think it's well worth it, especially since you can download all copies of back issues. Last time I counted (last year I think) there were 48 magazines you could download once you joined. Not bad for 47 bucks, which was the one-year subscription fee at the time IIRC.

    I printed out all the old copies and reread them many times. It's a great way to increase one's learning, especially if one is new to guns or CCW.

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    Good resource. I'm not a member at this time. I have too many memberships going right now. It is one I'd look into though.

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    I'm one of the mods over there.

    I think it is a very good resource for those that are new to CCW.

    If you don't like it, you get your money back.
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    I have been doing it for about 2 yrs. now. And it sure is better and more in depth than your typical handgun magazine. It's more on tactics and training than the latest gun out there.

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    I'm a member. I think it is worth the membership fee. The magazine is pretty good. It is a lot better than it was in the beginning. And it has a good bit of good info in it too. I especially like the profile of a person who carries in each issue of the magazine. Pretty neat.

    All in all I think it's a pretty good deal.
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    Been a member for quite awhile now. I have been renewing for 3 years at a time for myself and son in law and bought quite a bit of their training materials. However at this point it is becoming a diminishing return for the money and I can't recommend them. Mr. Tim seems to be off in the search for the "holy grail" (read "your" dollars) while Kathy Jackson tries to reinvent herself into some kind of authority on the subject and "I" have yet to discover what her qualifications are. Maybe I missed the write up on her. Recent issues have taken on a "tacticool" flavor with only (IMHO) Bruce Eimer's & CR Williams articles of much help to the "man or woman on the street" that carries with any kind of regularity.
    By the way, a subscription to the magazine is not cheap but you will have to pay extra to be a member of their on line forum.
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    I was a member for a while but did not renew. Too many emails promoting something.
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    I was a member about two years ago, but did not renew...... But I went to the site today, and it still lets me log in to the forums and member section...dont know why...gonna call tormorrow and let them know.....anyone know how to cancel or something, because the card I used two years ago I dont have, and dont want it being charged and stuff

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    I had gotten the newsletter by email for a couple years and then finally joined as a member. They have a pretty decent print magazine which comes out monthly as well as an email newsletter.

    I look at it as a trade journal for folks who carry guns as part of their daily routine. I think you get a lot for your money and I would definitely recommend membership. The information you'll have available to you is invaluable. And as Grady pointed out, they allow you to download all their back issues of their magazine to keep on your computer! That in and of itself is a value worth the membership price.
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    I'm a member and I enjoy the magazine. It has come a looooooong way from it's first issue, and I have a copy of ALL the issues.
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    Thanks. Do any of you have the Platinum Level? Is there really any benefit? I'd be interested in the Product Testing Program, but is it just a bunch of crap and trinkets, and how often do you get stuff?

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    I've subscribed to their newsletter for a just over year now.... most of the stories in the newsletter, and in the offers, are repeats from last year at this time... no new material.. or very little... I supose it would be worth it to get all the back issues for things to read on the pc.. but after that, what?

    That said, I belonged for one year to a similar type of club... the Handyman's Club of America.. where they promised subscribers might get the opportunity to test new products... I did eventually, near renewal time, get to test a chemical handwarmer... About a 50¢ item... Yippee. The magazine was about home improvement and woodworking projects... but the articles and methods were very similar to other mags... I did not renew.

    So, would I sign up for Tim's USCCA at the platinum rate.. nope... I might, just might, go for the one year subscription, to get the back issues... But I'm really skeptical... and not into "Tacticool" and "mall ninja" gee gaws... what would seal the deal for me (against USCCA) is if his advertisers sold CCW badges... that would shut down my curiosity once and for all.

    Additionally, when I emailed Tim about the repeats of the "newsletter" and the repeats of the great offers... I got no response... He's probably busy on his yacht.

    Good luck in your decision.. and let us know what you think if you do subscribe.. at whatever level.
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    Was. WAY too expensive for what you 8-10 magazines a year. Nothing much different from the other magazines. You WILL be hounded by MULTIPLE offers to send in more money for all sorts of things. It gets old fast.

    Being able to download all of the back issues was almost worth it for one years fee.
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    I just wanted to chime in right quick. I was getting the free emails while I mulled becoming a paid member. The reason I didn't was because there was a heavy dose of political retoric in every mssg. I don't like having someone else's political views forced down my throat. And then I'd have to pay for it? Nah, not my cup of tea.

    Just my opinion, it's worth what you payed for it. (saw that somewhere been waiting to use it )

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