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Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot

This is a discussion on Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OP, are you guys hiring? IT major here with a cwp. I'll go to the places you'll avoid for something slightly better than minimum wage ...

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Thread: Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot

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    OP, are you guys hiring? IT major here with a cwp. I'll go to the places you'll avoid for something slightly better than minimum wage :D

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    Family had a business in Newark, NJ for 85 years..........I was there for almost 20 of those years and carried every day. Closed it down about 15 years ago and have not been back to that city since. I had neighbors killed in holdups at their business's along our block over those past years and I have refused to return there. I use to thank God everyday I returned home to my family from my office back then and did have 2 instances where my S&W Mod.36 was my only hope. I now have a home office..............

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    Long ago when my business first started up I had an office in an upscale office park. At night I would work security for four rehab houses located in the Hill Top of Tacoma. Each night I'd walk the six block radius between the houses. Every night I'd come across groups of gang bangers roaming the street at night. Taking up the entire sidewalk I would walk through the middle of them. We would acknowledge each other, never said a single word, never a problem I was not part of their world and not in their game. The office park at night would have rich kid wanna be's in beemers and Mac10s playing gangster. They were far worst than the real bangers. I had a couple run ins with them. Eventually one of them ended up in the hospital no problems after that. Used to commute to San Francisco for 2 weeks then 2 weeks in Seattle. Dated a girl in San Francisco could never under stand my hanging out in the tender loin. As the song says I got friends in low places. Much rather hang out in those back alley blues bars than yuppie clubs. Never once had a problem. Since retiring I only go where I want to go when I want to go there. I've found if you carry yourself well do your own time you tend to get left alone. Stick your nose where it does not belong it may get bit off. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Thats when SA and good reaction times pay off
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    Quote Originally Posted by filinoy-pi View Post
    SCHOOL-whenever I pick my daughter up.

    parent pickup is not forbidden unless you exit your are allowed to cary concealed in your vehicle on your person in the pickup line....

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    Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective...
    Dallas County.

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    My job as a service tech in the Voice/Data industry requires me to travel extensively (anyplace from 10-25 hour driving time per week). Being in central Virginia, a lot of my work takes me to DC and MD, and through some rather unsavory locations. As long as I'm not going to NoVA I carry. If I'm going to NoVA I leave my gun locked in my truck at the shop, due to possibilities of being sent further north and not having anything to do with my gun.

    Needless to say, when in DC and MD I am on even a higher degree of SA. I also keep a 1" box end wrench on the front seat of my truck, for "just incase" purposes.
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    I was a two-way-radio technician in my younger years. Had lots of night call outs. Since I was working with a lot of police agencies, I got a CWP in NY upstate by asking the sheriff himself about it, who guided me thru the paperwork, and it came back in a month, approved. Then I moved to Florida in 1972, who did not have carry permits, then, but allowed it in your vehicle if the glove box was closed. I had a model 19 with me.
    The call outs I felt real uneasy about was the remote transmitters away from towns. There was one in particular in a cow pasture. It was a 10X12 building like the type you put your lawn equipment in. The vagrants would break the lock, and stay overnight there. The equipment kept the builing warm. While sleeping, they would knock out plugs from the wall, and disable the equipment. After being acosted by them, I started stopping by the sheriffs dept (It was their transmitter) and having a deputy (sidearm and 12Ga) ride with me. He arrested some on two accasions.
    Also, the areas around the police stations in most towns, were the "bad" areas in town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    the only access around the back of the building by the HVAC plant and generators. It is a very bad-guy friendly environment, with convenient hiding spots and lots of cover noise. ....
    This is the kind of equipment you may find me working on at 3:00AM. And this is why I say my carry is often different form one day to the next. It depends on where I am going and what I'll be doing. Another uncomfortable place is an outdoor machine room for a grocery store at odd hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant48 View Post
    Dallas County.

    FYI, my wife calls anything West of DFW Airport "the country."
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    K-12 schools, parking garages, hospital parking areas, dead end streets and NJ/NY.
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    Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot
    Gosh. I can't name them right off, but I think a lot of us know how this goes down. You do what you have to do no matter what. Even if your 'tactical sense' tells you it's a red alert. Lots of times, we'll go into a situation with a preconceived notion....a feeling we have due to certain outside influences we respect. We all know (or have the perception), that driving through a "bad" part of town is not in our best interests. Giving a certain circumstance, we might take the risk. Thing is...there's smart thinking (realistic in perspective) and there's tactical thinking (knowing what could be available to screw up our day). Sometimes we just have to do what's necessary to get us through our day and onto the next. Because we all want to see the next sunrise. I think that's a common goal around here. Nothing wrong with thinking that each and every move you make is based on a "tactical" decision. Thing is....if you do, you're going to limit yourself in almost everything you do. Think tactically and go in without fear. The essence of fear is real. Not a smell, it's an aura that surrounds you. Be confident in your ways, walk through the valley of death and despair, yet fear no evil. You're above that. The only thing you have to fear is the hands of another...before your time. There is absolutely nothing you "cannot" do on this earth unless you feel bound. I'll guarantee it. You don't have to go into any environment without knowing you control that environment. Your mind is the best weapon you have at your disposal. Use it wisely.

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    Stop 'N' Robs, the local U/F Campus at night, any large dimly lit parking lot...
    Last edited by RETSUPT99; August 29th, 2010 at 08:46 PM.
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    My office building. Its a federal complex and such no weapon zone. Needless to say I hate going to work...
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    As someone already posted: I am a teacher and an aspiring administrator. I cannot carry and do not as I do not want to have to explain to the authorities about my rationale should it be revealed that I am carrying. So, with that said, I have prepared myself to engage a potential criminal with various tools at my disposal. Meaning whatever I can get my hands on and hit him with. Be it a chair, a students desk or my cardboard lamination rolls that are as hard as a plastic stick.

    Oh, and should my SRO go down, I will use her as a shield and her glock as well...if I can get to her and it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bladenbullet View Post
    parent pickup is not forbidden unless you exit your are allowed to cary concealed in your vehicle on your person in the pickup line....
    I know. The school has a drop off area but to pick them up, you have to go inside the school.

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