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What do you do in this situation?

This is a discussion on What do you do in this situation? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know about you guys but I'd be pissed if someone boxed my car in like that. My first reaction would be to tell ...

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Thread: What do you do in this situation?

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    I don't know about you guys but I'd be pissed if someone boxed my car in like that. My first reaction would be to tell him to get out from behind my car. If he refused, I'd have to assume he had some kind of ill intention..

    I've found that with most pan handlers, a simple threat that you're calling the cops will usually cause them to haul ass from the area. That would be my next step if he refused to move his car.

    Of course, if he refused to move and then approached me after I asked him to leave me alone, then I'm going to have to assume he's a threat to me and he's about to attack.
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    I picture myself sitting in my car and dialing 911 as he approaches.....

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    Welcome Gordo....I think your employer does need to be notified, but ultimately the moral to this story is not to leave your gun at home. It sounds as though you have contact with a possible hazardous environment DAILY. This warrants carrying. If work doesn't allow, use deep concealment like smartcarry, etc. I don't think you can afford not to.
    +1 With the addition that you don't need to be coming in contact with a 'hazardous environment' to warrant carrying your weapon. Sometime the hazardous environment comes and finds you......

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    All of these are good suggestions. Especially parking end-in. One thing I did see while I was scanning was this: If your employer does not have the parking lot under surveillance, I would keep a small disposable camera in your car (if it doesn't get too hot where you live). I keep one in mine in case of accidents AND I am a car NUT. Snap lots of photos of cars. But, you never know when you might need one.

    In this situation it might be handy to just get a picture of the guy and maybe his vehicle, too. I can't judge your "correctness" in drawing your concealed, if you'd had your firearm. That's something hindsight can only scrutinize and until I was in the situaiton - I doubt I would know either. There's too many contributing factors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumberjack98
    I'd put my hand on the pistol but not draw and clearly tell the man to stop. Repeat the request if he does not immediately stop. If he still continues, draw the pistol, point it at him and repeat the request to stop. If he doesn't stop at that point, then you make him stop.
    +1. I'm with Lumberjack on this one.

    Having someone walk up to you and ask for money is one thing. Having someone drive up to you and box you in and ask for gas money is another. As ssssthesnake said, how's he driving if he's out of gas? Something is fishy here. You need to tell your employer about this, but also be ready to defend yourself.

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    Fear of life the ONLY reason???

    Not in Florida. You have the right to stand your ground, resist a carjacking with deadly force, resist the entry of your home with deadly force.

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    thanks for all the feeback... We are working at getting video of the guy and his car tag.

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    I did not read all the posts , i will go back and read others opinion , but for myself i would not give the critter any money. I would loudly tell him to get away from me ( us ) while getting her ( if she were with me ) behind me and telling her to go call the cops ( harassment if nothing else lol ) Its a tough place to be unfirearmed , but due to the approch of the critter i think an agressive stance is needed . and remember your weapon lies behind your eyes and between your ears . Not on your belt .
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    All great ideas, but notifying the employeer, builder owner, building management, and police is first step "non-event". Upscale places don't want it splashed all over the evening news that they have lowlifes and scum hitting up their patrons, so threaten to talk to the free speech junkies.

    First - Plan ahead, observe, and carry if legal
    Second - company policy should be to prohibit leaving building alone - always in groups. Always.
    Third - back into space. I do it that way cause its easier to back "in" than "out" - never knew I was a "druggy".

    If you see a vehicle hanging around as you walk out, slowly walk to a car parked in the row behind you (if parked backwards), stop at the drivers door, fiddle with keys, and see if they pull around to block you in. If so, walk to yours, and they're automatically a row off.....

    Be careful!
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    At the very least:
    1. Talk to your employer about adding security to the parking lot.
    2. Talk to your coworkers about walking out enmasse, or at least buddy teams.
    3. Contact your local PD, talk to the crime prevention section, they can conduct a survey and increase poice presence.
    4. Allways park your vehicle by backing into a spot and try to avoid parking along walls, or in corners, park in the center of the lot close to a lamp post( but not against it) if possible.
    5. have secondary defense measures, flashlight, OC, edged weapon...
    6. Report every incident to the police. They can't help if they don't know. Every report is logged and audited. If it demonstrates a pattern special enforcement procedures are implemented.
    7. Last not least, do you have to park in the "back" parking lot? Maybe an alternate parking area would be a better option for you.
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    Unfortunately, although a good idea, talking to your employer about parking lot security is not likely to accomplish much. But it is a good idea to notify them. Ultimately you should be prepared to use your weapon, first as a threat and if the panhandler approaches you with evil intent, then for real to hold him until the police arrive or to protect yourself. I have never had this experience but if someone boxed in my car I would consider it a serious threat to my safety and freedom of movement. Many employeers have policies on their books which carry a blanket prohibition agianst carrying any weapon(regardless of state law, your CCP, etc--it is a policy which may result in your being fired, not arrested). Where I work, a hospital, they have such a policy. I recently had a meeting with the police chief who, while refusing to give me written permission to carry on university grounds, did strongly imply that with my CCP in my state I could keep a handgun in my car--they would never search the car.
    My guess is that if you felt threatened and you displayed your weapon, the panhandler(a very aggressive one at that) would quickly back off and leave you alone. But in order to do so you must have you weapon with you in your car.
    What is the old saying, better to be put on trial by twelve than carried by six?
    If your employeer does not permit you to carry in you car, you can always get another job if it comes to that; you may never have another chance to protect your life.
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott
    Yeah, I know I'm a cynic and probably a little paranoid.

    I like to say... "just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me!"

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    In MN it's assault if someone does or says anything which causes another to fear for their safety. I'm not sure that tipping your hand that you are armed is the best option, unless you can articulate you thought you were in danger of imminent great bodily harm or death. A moving car can be a fortress, but when stationary they make great caskets. I would explode out of the car, use it for cover, use the command voice, and have a hand on my primary defensive tool without it being seen. Anytime you expose, touch, or draw, be the first to dial 911. Unfortunately, at such close range, you have to be ready to speed rock and stitch if the BG advances and produces a weapon. At least the car gives pretty good cover for a knife.

    Great responding posts here. Gather all the present and past eyewitness accounts and file as many incident reports as you can. This guy sounds like a time bomb to me. If you need this job, you have to be careful not to upset the management. Get the BG's license and photo without provoking him, so his next interview is with LE.
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    "Unfortunately, although a good idea, talking to your employer about parking lot security is not likely to accomplish much"

    Perhaps not, but it's the first step. If the parking lot is owned by the business, they have an obligation to provide a safe environment. If someone is hurt due to lack of security, they may be sued, and if it can be shown that they were advised of the problem and did nothing, then they are in a world of trouble. My next step after notifying my employer, would be to wait a short period of time to see if they respond. If no response, I would file a complaint with OSHA, or any state organization that would be appropriate. That said, I always carry. My employer knows about my CCW permit, and they're supportive. When I get to my desk, I lock up my gun (although there have been a few times when I forgot, and saw patients with my Glock in my right front pocket). If I leave for lunch, the Glock goes on, or I put on my fanny pack with my XD45.

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    advise your employer and take the preventative measures listed above....
    I would not use lethal force to defend the property of myself or someone else, but would not hesitate to do so to defend life or limb...
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