Concealed Education

Concealed Education

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Thread: Concealed Education

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    Concealed Education

    Yesterday, I found myself at the range instead of in the library....again. I brought along my Ruger SR9. Another friend brought his Taurus PT92. A third friend, once an immigrant from Bosnia and now a US citizen came along to shoot with us. The third friend seemed excited, but a little apprehensive at the same time. He is one of those people who just can't understand why I carry a gun as often as I do. But he is also predisposed to many experiences that I cannot even imagine from the Bosnian civil war. He has seen his father walk out the door with an AK-47 and come back with blood on his hands, his uncle killed down the road from their farm, and their family's farmland destroyed. So needless to say he is almost 'antigun' (this is the wrong word, thus the quotes, just couldn't think up the right one).

    We get to the range and he decides to rent a gun. I tell him to go with a Glock 17 because it's a great gun and easy to use. We start shooting and sooner than I know it he is running out to buy another box of ammo. Then he wants to shoot my gun as well as my friends (side note, he thought the SR9 was the best shooter out of all 3!! ). When we left, all he wanted to talk about was how to pick the right gun for him and where he can learn more about concealed carry. Just in 30 minutes he realized that guns do not carry the negative connotation that he remembers from his childhood. He now understands why his family had and used guns in Bosnia, and is starting to understand the concept of carrying a weapon for self defense. We talked for about an hour and a half once we got home about the benefits of owning firearms and being able to protect yourself, whether at home or in public. He also now understands the fact that this country was founded on the right of people to protect themselves and their property, something that is very important IMO.

    And this morning he woke me up with a text at 7:20 telling me he found a gun safety course and a concealed carry class that he wants to take to learn more.

    Another one converted, and all I had to do was get him to the range!

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    Well done! I think more antis who've never fired a gun would done the same if given the chance.
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    If he wants to learn more, we're doing classes every month here in MO. Not CCW, but actual fighting classes:

    Just look for my name, and ask any questions you have. If you want a CCW class, let me know, I do those, too.
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    Very well done. Sometimes it is easier to convert those who have seen the wolf as opposed to those who won't admit the wolf exists.

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    Good job.
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    It's amazing how just getting someone to shoot a gun can totally change their minds. When people realize that guns are not only safe if handled properly but also fun to shoot and have a legitimate purpose, they convert much more easily.

    I have family from Canada and every time they visit even if it is only for a few days, we have a required trip to the range where they get to shoot my handguns and each time they have a blast, literally and figuratively. None of them really want to carry a gun but they all realize how fun they are once they get to the range. And I also put them through a quick refresher course on gun safety and handling to make sure we can avoid accidents and to impart on them the seriousness of what we are going to do.

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    Goes to show that "guns" do not cause people to commit crimes...

    and that people can carry guns and NOT shoot them.
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    Cpngrats on the convert, you're about to make MO a little bit safer. Well done!
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