Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities

Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities

This is a discussion on Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is my first post. I've been reading for a few months and finally had something I think was worth posting. A few weeks ago ...

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Thread: Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities

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    Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities

    This is my first post. I've been reading for a few months and finally had something I think was worth posting. A few weeks ago I had an interesting weekend carrying. I’ve been carrying for around a year now. I don’t get the opportunity to do it much right now as the college I attend doesn’t allow it. However if I’m not at college or back home I am carrying 99% of the time. Drove home Friday afternoon from college, while carrying of course, and ended up going out with a girl I’ve known for a while. Anyways we ended up at the bowling alley/bar in our town with some friends. After a few hours she ends up getting a little drunk and standing on my strong side, she puts her arm around me and feels my spare mag. that I keep in a Gerber multi-tool pouch (which works great for concealment by the way). She immediately gets some big eyes and asks me what that is and if it’s dangerous, to which I reply “It my knife.” She looks at me for a couple seconds trying to decide if I’m telling the truth, finally decides that I am, says okay and moves on. At this point I’m feeling pretty good because she didn’t notice the XD9sc that I had at 3-3:30 IWB. Narrow miss. About 15 minutes later we are talking again and she on my weak side. She put her arm around my waist again but this time she puts her hand right on the grip of the XD. As soon as I felt the pistol move on my hip I looked at her face and this time her eyes got a lot bigger as the realization of what it is hits her. She says “Oh my God what do you have that for.” Before she even has the “my” out her mouth I am shushing her. She gets the point and leans in and asked me “What do you need that for? What are you afraid of some thugs (she used more colorful words. It’s a small town in MO) breaking in here.” I said “It’s a habit from the Marine Corps” and shrugged my shoulders. And there I was, made for the first time. Surprising, she was really relaxed about it other than the initial “Oh my God” and was completely over it within a few minutes. I’ve been reading posts on here for a few months and figured if I was ever made it wouldn’t be nearly as smooth as it was. That was Friday night.
    Saturday morning I got up early, put on the old desert cammies, strapped on the pistol IWB underneath my cammie blouse (as we Marines call our BDU top) and headed to town. An old friend of mine that also joined the Marine Corps talked me into walking for the VFW for a parade in town. It turned out to be a pretty cool experience and something I most definitely be doing again if time/college permits. I can remember being a kid and watching the old Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines guys walk in the parades and it was definitely cool to be on the other side.

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    Know what you mean Vendetta. My wife is well aware that I carry when we leave the house. Even still, it took a couple of "shushing" efforts to remind her that the two of us are the only ones who need to know I am armed. Anybody else will find out only if and when I ever need to let it be known. Maybe the fascination caught your friend off guard.

    BTW - Thank you for your service. Former Air Force here...
    Better to have and to hold, than to leave in the nightstand.....

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