Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation

Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation

This is a discussion on Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's one for you. I recently moved IVO an Army post. Like several other posts I can think of, it has several state highways running ...

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Thread: Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation

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    Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation

    Here's one for you. I recently moved IVO an Army post. Like several other posts I can think of, it has several state highways running through it. I saw somebody pulled over today by the Fort XXX Police. It made me wonder if I was allowed to carry on the state highway.

    I know I can't carry inside the gate. My question concerns DOD property that is coincident with a state highway. Who should I ask in the Army heirarchy about this. I would think it would be somebody at the Provost Marshall's office, but I am not sure who.

    Does anybody have any experience with this nuance? Air Force bases tend to be small and don't generally have public highways running through them, so this is a new one on me.

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    There is almost no way the military can control legitimate travel and traffic on a state road which runs through their installation. Is the base property fenced off on either side of the road? Your base probably does not allow hazardous materials without special permits, yet HazMat undoubtedly passes on that state highway every day of the week. Unless the road is secured by a manned checkpoint, I sincerely doubt you have anything to worry about. If you still feel the need to check with PM's office, I would make a point to not identify yourself... no sense raising their suspicions about you!
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    It has been my experience (27 years moving with the military) that if you passed a checkpoint, entry gate, or other control point, private firearms are not permitted beyond that point, with very few exceptions*. Now, for highways passing through an installation's boundries, you are generally still considered to be off-base, again, if you didn't pass an entry control point . You're on the interstate, not the base. If you enter the installation (stop, show ID, get waived on by the sentry) with private firearms and you don't live there, then you've got some 'splaining to do when stopped... and it will likely allow you see the inside of a Federal Courtroom, or at the very least the local stockade/brig/detention center. (A friend of mine has personal first-hand experience of that very thing... long story. But it helps if you're a decorated Viet Nam veteran and throw yourself on the mercy of the court).

    *For example: whenever we live on base, we are able to transport our firearms from home to off-base shooting sports activities and back with them unloaded, cased, separated from their ammo in the trunk or other locking comparment. Concealed carry = not happening on base. We arm up at our first stop off base, disarm before getting in the car for the return trip through the gate. And in these situations there are no side trips to the base gas station or movie rental - it's a bee-line from the gate to the house.

    As with any and all advice, YMMV, IANAL, and any other disclamatory acronyms that may apply.
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    If the highway runs through Fed property...there will be signs warning you that you've entered Federal property.....

    Don't speed...don't stop...and DO NOT DISCLOSE if the state DOES NOT REQUIRE it....

    It is something to note, but you shouldn't dwell on it.
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    A1A in FL runs through Patrick AFB. You CAN go by SR 3 or US 1 to get north from Satellite Beach to Cocoa Beach, but it would take 45-50 minutes to get there compared to 15-20 by A1A. To the W, fenced-in AFB. To the E, beach, but owned/controlled by USAF. When 9/11 happened, A1A was cordoned off, and impassable. Traveled it all the time. Did NOT get out of the car, nor go to the beach, and certainly didn't enter the gate while armed. The road was another thing.
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    I agree with ethereal. 30 years of experience here. Some large posts like Fort Bragg in NC explicitly permit legal carry on base roads (not public roads, but routinely used by the public) transiting to the other side IF you don't go through a checkpoint and the perimeter gates are open. Read the regs that govern your base/post. I've carried TDY driving to other bases. I called ahead to the base LE and made arrangements to store my firearm in the armory during my stay in billeting. Picked it up on my way out. Transited the base gate with the firearm locked in a case in the trunk separate from the ammo as required.

    In regards to Patrick AFB, FL, A1A was closed for a while after 9/11 for a specific threat issue, not for general security. A1A is a state highway and was only closed by agreement with the appropriate civil officials. Patrick does not own A1A, nor is A1A part of the base like Plank Road is on Fort Bragg.
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    i drive through the highways cutting through eglin afb all the time. i've been stopped but the county PD on only 1 occasion at a DUI check point. i was armed, i informed and was never told i couldn't be armed. as a matter of fact. there are tons of hunting areas just off the highways that are on base property. i don't think the highways considered fed property. that would be pretty stupid to not allow firearms on certain roads that are accessable to everyone. especially when the only way to avoid those roads is to drive an hour or 2 our of your way. that my friends in infringement.

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