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This is a discussion on I Felt Insulted. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i just pile um up i get one with every new gun...

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Thread: I Felt Insulted.

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    i just pile um up i get one with every new gun

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    They CAN be quite useful.

    I just purchased a new SA XD-9 SC, it too came with the spent cartridge. Since this was my first 9 x 19, and I had not had a chance to make it to the local range to collect brass for my reloading, I used the spent round for setup on my Dillon 550B. It worked GREAT the second time through my new pistol too!!

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    I got a spent shell with my XD-9 as well. It had a date and name and such on the little envelope. I assumed it was just a shell to show it had been inspected and test fired. How can a shell identify the gun? Are you guys saying that all barrels now have the features that are described in that article. I think you guys are wrong, but what do I know. I'd like to see some solid info on this subject if you guys have any. Seems like NRA and such would be all over this..

    How sure are you guys?
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    Thumbs up

    Hey...Did anybody Congratulate you on the gun yet?

    Congrats Miggy.
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    Miggy....congrats on getting the new gun!

    (some people have all the durned luck!)
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    My Glock had the same thing. But as I understand it the fingerprint doesn't work. Each time you fire the gun it changes somewhat.
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    what does it matter?

    what does it matter if they want to waste money on trying to keep track on something this stupid? did you make a big deal about getting finger printed for anything? who really cares. If you know you arent going to be doing something you shouldnt be doing let them waste their time and i guess our money really. but at least on this they are wasting my money on something that actually affects me. why sweat the small stuff. let it go and enjoy the weapon....you didnt have to pay for it anyway =o). they could get a dna sample from me for a new gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter
    Hey...Did anybody Congratulate you on the gun yet?

    Congrats Miggy.
    Thanks QK! And srfl, thanks and

    While doing a quick search, I bumped into this Maryland State Police report that you may wanna download and save for future references:


    Italics are mine

    The Maryland Gun
    Safety Act of 2000 required manufacturers that ship handguns to Maryland to include with each handgun a
    shell casing discharged from that handgun. The shell casing information, using digital imaging software,
    and handgun owner information is entered into the Maryland Integrated Ballistic Identification System
    (MD IBIS). MD IBIS currently contains 34,403 records and two “hits” have been made using the data in MD IBIS.
    Since October 2000, MD IBIS has resulted in two “hits,” definitive matches between the database
    and crime scene evidence. However, because the match pointed to guns stolen in an unsolved robbery, the use of MD IBIS has not resulted in an arrest.
    MD IBIS only contains data on handguns and does not include assault weapons or rifles. Expanding the database to include this information may improve the usefulness of the tool.
    The database is built on shell casings; however, certain firearms do not discharge a shell casing or the
    shell casing can be collected from the scene by the shooter, reducing the possibility of matching crime
    scene evidence to known information in the database.
    Another potential problem, which has already appeared in random samples within the MD IBIS
    database, is the Quality Control on the test cartridge casings received from the manufacturer. The
    California Study touched on this issue and is a situation which the laboratory receiving the test casing
    has little control other than deeming that sample as being unreliable
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    Miggy, that's good info.

    I have never received the casing with any gun that I purchased in MD. I do know however that they went off to MDSP.

    When I bought my S&W J-frame airweight, after the 8 - day waiting period , The dealer had informed me that S&W 'forgot' to send with it the casing. The gun was then sent back to S&W, fired, sent back, casing sent to MDSP, then - only then did I receive my J-frame...

    almost four months later!!! Don't ask me why.

    That was the last weapon I bought at that dealer

    By the way, firearms cost more in MD - fun fact of the day!
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    Actually, they do put serial numbers on tires and they do record who bought them. Libility suites have forced the tire makers to try and CYA. The FBI and several state crime labs get images of all tread patterns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son
    My question with Ballistic fingerprinting is, how accurate is it after a thousand rounds or so, or even better, after a nice aftermarket barrel.
    Or a new slide with different extractor, breechface & firing pin.

    That leaves them with:

    "Whoa, it was a Glock that dunnit!" I remember a short story about an assassin who tucked the gun into the clothing of his victims, to save the police all that searching stuff...

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    What about AM barrels? Wouldn't that solve the problem?
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    What does it matter if the firearm is ballastically 'fingerprinted' or not. If you don't plan to take your legally purchased and registered firearm out and commit various acts of violence, why care ? Now if you have evil intentions wouldn't it be better to be like every other criminal and use a firearm not registered to you ?
    The world is a dangerous place to live... not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. - Albert Einstein

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    What does it matter? Did you go down to your local PD and give them your fingerprints and a photo since you aren't a criminal? Do you encourage LEOs to search your person and place, since you haven't committed a crime? Did you get permission from a liberal reporter before you sent your post? It's about freedom from regulation. It's about the Constitution.
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    Is my gun dealer not telling the full truth or maybe he just doesn't know. He always tells people that the shells are just to show that the gun works and most of them are fired 2 to 3 times at the factory. Is there any truth to this.

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