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This is a discussion on I Felt Insulted. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Mojoski How can a shell identify the gun? Are you guys saying that all barrels now have the features that are described ...

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Thread: I Felt Insulted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojoski
    How can a shell identify the gun? Are you guys saying that all barrels now have the features that are described in that article. I think you guys are wrong, but what do I know. I'd like to see some solid info on this subject if you guys have any. Seems like NRA and such would be all over this..

    How sure are you guys?
    From experience and a father in law who works forensics: "Ballistic ID" is barely science. Essentially, an examiner can tell the make and model of the weapon used. A firearm will leave the following marks:

    1) Rifling impressions on the slug
    2)Breech face abrasions/impression on the case head
    3)Firing pin impression on/in the primer
    4)Extractor marks on the case rim
    5)Possibly mag feedlip marks (very situational)

    An example of very unique firearm marks are the striations left on fired cases by all HK's with the fluted chamber (90 series and the G3 cousins, P7/PSP series). A case with a P7 led to some of the most retarded inquiries I've ever heard from LE. Let's just say SES will be a decided factor in purchase demographics!

    If you are the only person in the city with a Seecamp .380, and a body turns up with a slug/casing from said make/model, you can expect to spend some time talking with the authorities. OTOH, a Glock 17/19, unless some bastardized attempt to "disguise" it has been made by the offender, would be essentially useless, without other evidence.

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    within the last 2 months I purchased a SA XD9 and 2 glocks
    all three pistols came with 2 casings
    from what I understand the MFG will fire 2 casings and include them in every pistol since the MFG doesn't know for sure where the firearm will be sold
    If it ends up behind the northeast's iron curtain they use the spent casings for their tracking law
    if it goes to a state that doesn't use them then there are no records of any kind kept and you can throw them away or keep them as reminders of communism gradually creeping into our lives
    I keep the envelopes since it has a date stamp for my firearm
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    The ballistics database in New York State has never, I repeat, NEVER, been used to solve a crime.

    To date, it has accomplished exactly nothing, except annoying gun owners and raising the prices on those models shipped by manufacturers who do not include fired cases. (Such guns must be taken to a specially designated facility and fired for the database.)

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    Dont most manufactures test fire each weapon. It might be the test fire. Just a thought

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