Interaction with LEO's while carrying - questions

This is a discussion on Interaction with LEO's while carrying - questions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yesterday, during a rainstorm I stopped at a traffic light, but unfortunately the car immediately behind me did not! At least not until she had ...

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Thread: Interaction with LEO's while carrying - questions

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    Yesterday, during a rainstorm I stopped at a traffic light, but unfortunately the car immediately behind me did not! At least not until she had hit the tail of my Audi...arrrggghhh. A small amount of damage and no injuries.

    Anyway, to the point. Due totally to my not thinking of it as important, I did not inform the police officer of anything regarding carry (not required to do so in MN), nor did he ask. I explained what happened, handed over my driver's license and insurance card, he came back later with my copy of the accident investigation report and I was on my way.

    Yes, this is vastly different than being stopped for speeding, but a number of times I've been told that it's wise to immediately inform the LEO, and I've always disagreed with those folks that feel it's imperative to do so. I expect to now hear about how it's courteous to do so, you may get some special consideration for being open about it, because it's helpful for the officer's safety to know, etc., etc. My point is that if your permit or firearm isn't relevant to the conversation, or your behavior doesn't warrant inquiry, it doesn't need to be talked about at all.

    Personally, I prefer to not volunteer information or consent to searches, but maybe that's just me. Of course, if I'm asked about concealed carry, as required in my state, I'll honestly answer. But should I ever get a traffic ticket for not scoring points for being open, so be it.

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    as for the traffic stop, in Texas you are required to give chl with dl and tell the officer, I would also as a courtesy

    as for the bulge and off-duty asking for ID
    ...I'll show you mine if you show me yours....

    and concealed is concealed...I completely avoid having bulges showing
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    In the 3 states that I currently carry in, ME, NH and MA, you are not required to tell. Due to the differences in CCW attitudes, I've decided that I will do the following in these states:

    ME, NH: Definitely offer up my DL and CCW permit right off the bat and tell him that "I'm carrying today".

    MA: I'll dummy up unless he asks me to do something unusual, get out of the car, or asks me directly, etc. I bet my chances of getting hassled in MA with a non-resident permit are pretty high, so I will initially try to avoid the issue.
    I'm applying for a RI permit as well, and RI will get the MA treatment.

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    In Missouri, you don't have to inform the LEO voluntarily. If you are asked though, you have to present your CCW endorsement on your driver's license or non-driver's ID.

    I choose to have it on a N/D ID rather than have a big red flag on my license. I'm still young enough to be carded when buying alcohol occasionally, and I'd rather not let bouncers know that I have a CCW (though I'd never carry in a bar).

    I've been pulled over once at a speed trap and the officer was not influenced by my CCW either way. He was friendly enough but still gave me the ticket. He knew I was armed the whole time and simple asked me to "keep it in my pocket" when I went to sit in his patrol car.

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