Unintentional CCW at a hospital as a patient in an emergency situation? - Page 3

Unintentional CCW at a hospital as a patient in an emergency situation?

This is a discussion on Unintentional CCW at a hospital as a patient in an emergency situation? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At the Hospital I work at in the security department we are not allowed to secure weapons for patients. As of present we have to ...

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Thread: Unintentional CCW at a hospital as a patient in an emergency situation?

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    At the Hospital I work at in the security department we are not allowed to secure weapons for patients. As of present we have to call the local PD to secure the weapon. We use to be able to secure them, but we have new management. In most hospitals it not an issue
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    Well I can only speak for me.

    As of Monday this week I was actually admitted to a local ER in Reno, I very suddenly and for the first time ever had a seizure. I was out running errands and had a Grand Mal seizure. Thank "insert your prefered faith here" that my foot pinned the break down and not the gas. A police officer happened to be driving by and was alerted to my distress and pulled over to check on my situation. The local EMS was dispatched to come and collect me. Apparently during this as my motor functions began to return my combat training took control of the situation and I began to attempt to reach for my Glock. The officer aware of my confusion but very alert to my actions almost instantly jumped in my rear seat and removed my weapon. (Side note I am very very gratefull of the officers quick and decisive action, it undoubtly kept all parties involved safe and secure.) The officer recovered my wallet and found my CCW. The weapon was retained by the officer who followed the EMS to the hospital. As soon as it was discovered that this was a first time non drug or alcohol related occurrence my weapon was held by the hospital staff (who are themselfs armed) and released to my Wife to whos care I was released. At this point im much more worried about the outcome of my follow on testing, well that and the bill ill be getting shortly. So I don't care to guess for all city's or state's but it seems that between the local Pd's EMS crews and ER techs there is most likely an SOP concerning lawfully carried sidearms.
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    This thread, I believe, has now been answered. My only question, now that I have read this thread for first time is what kind of answer did cplguy expect? It surely could not be some "out of this world" answer other than the obvious. Just seems you can find better things to be worrying about than the common sense that would dictate the several obvious responses to this question.

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    As a Paramedic and RN, I (for one) would do everything possible to secure your firearm so it gets back to you (without being damaged). Not everyone is as pro gun as me of course. Be thankful that Mayor Bloomberg isn't in the medical profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cplguy View Post
    What would happen if a valid CPL holder that is armed had something bad happen to him out of his control, (such as a seizure/stroke/cardiac arrest/ran over by a car, etc), and the valid CPL holder was armed, but unconscious, (or in a coma), due to medical conditions. What is the reaction of the medical staff that are treating you?

    Let's say they were walking down the street like normal, or over at a friend's house, then they had a grand mall seizure, and the ambulance ends up getting called; which ends up in a very expensive trip to the hospital. The patient has had no medical history of seizures in his entire medical record since birth.

    What happens with the weapon, and what reaction would there be? What happens when they realize that you are legally authorized to carry the weapon? Do you get it back?
    Ironically, a lot of EMS people I know .... all carry. They typically will secure a weapon if there is one. And they will turn it over so that it gets returned to you . I would trust these guys to handle your gun, much more than any hospital personnel.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    I am not adovcating breaking any laws................... but, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and take care of the injured person.

    The 'Gun Free' zone had it's origional intent on keeping out people who meant harm with firearms, but was corrupted by people to ignore the fact that leagal carry people exist.

    And we all know how effective 'no gun/gun free' zones are - look at the Colorado theator situation.... just sayin.
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    If you have this happen to you, hope you aren't in California when the ER people give the cops your gun. Under California law, you must make an application, pay a fee, and undergo an investigation (to "prove" you're the owner), and wait (most likely months) before a police department can return your weapon to you. The law makes no distinction as to why it is in police custody, only that this process must occur before it can be released from police custody.

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    What msgt/ret said

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    I was in a motorbike accident and put in the back of an ambulance. A deputy who is a friend of mine was driving by and came in the ambulance to get my info. In all the hullabaloo I totally forgot that I had my revolver IWB. The deputy left the back of the ambulance, the nice lady EMT lifted up my shirt and saw my gun. She told the driver in a very loud voice "DO NOT LEAVE!" and called the deputy back in. He asked if I had a CCL, I said yes, and he took my gun. He actually gave it to another friend who was at the scene to keep it for me. I apologized to the EMT who said she didn't like surprises. I got my gun back from my friend a day or two later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cplguy View Post
    Thanks for your answers. Since getting my CPL, I've actually been wondering about this situation. (what if I cross a street and because I was stupidly inattentive not watching where I was going and end up getting creamed by a truck), would I get my side arm back upon release from the hospital, (if I lived through it)?
    What if the truck impacts your pistol and damages the gun?

    (I'm being a smarty-arse).

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    It happened to me (not the truck thing something different). While on the bed in the ER I got my CCW out while only my wife was with me and she put it in her purse and all was cool then.
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    I would be concerned that they would lose it..."gun? what gun?"

    Of course, working in the security/leo field, I have come across my share of unethical people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DefianceMotors View Post
    As of Monday this week I was actually admitted to a local ER in Reno, I very suddenly and for the first time ever had a seizure.
    I'm glad you're ok and thank you for sharing a real-life experience. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy the great community we have.

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    Looking at where you live the ER doc/Nurse/janitor all carried into the hospital and locked their gats in the drug box. They will clean, oil and secure you gat with the Hosptial Security hold it ransom till you pay off the bill and then return it! Well part of this is true; you will get it back at discharge; this assumes that the Paramedics did not find it when they did the search for your billfold and other valuables.

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    Im not worried about emt,hospital security,leo's..... Im worried about some punks retrieving my gun and taking off before help arrives !!!... If this insident happened in a bad section of town that is... Eddie.

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