Carry while swimming

Carry while swimming

This is a discussion on Carry while swimming within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi if any of you guys carry while swiming please tell me your secrets. My setup is I take my Glock, put it in a ...

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Thread: Carry while swimming

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    Carry while swimming

    Hi if any of you guys carry while swiming please tell me your secrets.

    My setup is I take my Glock, put it in a plastic bag, then hide it in my water wings. LOL just kidding.

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    Lock it in my vehicle, unless they have lockers at the place I'm swimming. I've got a In Car Safe in each vehicle just for this sort of stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAcanis View Post
    That would be a bit uncomfortable in an IWB.
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    Glock comes along while kayaking, or sits in a bag with us on the beach. I don't swim in FL because I don't think that people should feed the sharks and gators.
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    I took my G23 canoeing. It went in my SERPA and was dummy corded to my belt. I went swimming and did everything else I would normally do while I was on the river. Afterward I used compressed air and WD-40 to get all the water out then gave it a thorough cleaning. That was the cleanest that gun has been since I took it out of the box.
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    Just this passed year's Forth of July weekend, my girlfriend, her best friend and fiance (who I brought into the light and he got is CPL last mouth!) were up north( 3.5 hours away from the 'D'). The girls wanted to take their blow up inter-tubes and float down the river. I knew that area well and felt fairly confident that we would not have any problems. However I still put my M&P40 in a IWB nylon holster with a snap strap, then tightened my belt. I of course took off the crimson trace grips. So Open Carry style. If i needed to draw this was the fastest option. It was in and out of the water for about 4 hours, as well as the down pour for 30mins.

    I just gave it a good cleaning when we got back to the campsite. The main threat I was worried about beside all the crazy people up there for the 4th, but is animals while we were on the river. i.e. bears, mountain lions, etc. My girlfriend asked me "won't that hurt it?" referring to the water. I said no it is a M&P it was designed for harsh conditions. Her fiance at fiance didn't see it for the first hour or so (I had a black shirt on sort of blended in) and when she saw it said something like this.
    her:"oh I didn't eve see that you had it on you."
    me: "yes it has been here the whole time"
    her: "actually I'm glad you have your gun on you I feel safe when you carry it."

    the next day I put a couple hundred rounds through it. ate it like a champ!
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    While swimming? I figure the SEALs have that procedure nailed. Do as they do.
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    Interesting could vacuum pack it if you had one of those nifty little Ronco infomercial deals and then slide it in your holster. You could probably fire through the plastic bag if need be with an internal hammer revolver. I've never tried to carry in water...probably won't try, not that I swim much anymore since we sold the house witha pool a couple years ago. When I go to the beach, I sit in the shade and I rarely get in the ocean past knee deep. Last time I went to the beach I carried my 442 in a zip lock bag in my swim trunk pocket, but I never got it in the water.
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    Seriously, I took my family to the local water park a couple of weeks ago and wore some board shorts with pockets, including a velcro pocket on the left leg. I took my Taurus TCP, put it in its pocket holster and then in a freezer ziplock bag. I folded the bag up nicely and put it in the velcro pocket and enjoyed my day. It stayed there without a problem and wasn't wet when we got home and I took it out. Worked great.
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    ^^ I can vouch for taht. Freezer ziploc bags, properly sealed, can be immersed in water with no water getting into the inside of the bag. Back in the day, I used to put cellphones in there when I was going to amusement parks with water rides. Although you'll look like a doofus, you can also actually use the phone while it is still in the bag (LOL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    you'll look like a doofus, you can also actually use the phone while it is still in the bag (LOL)
    Hey now!!!!

    I went to the beach last summer/fall I stuck the glock into freezer bag and back into the holster left it in the bottom compartment which was seperate of the gunny sack. Somebody was with the bag the whole time and it was in arms reach at all times.

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    I only carry a Supersoaker when I swim.
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    Just buy some condoms and put one over barrel to keep water out, LOL. Ok, I seen it on TV once. I never thought about swimming with a firearm on my person. I often thought about when going to hotels and using the pool what I would do with my firearm, this discussion gave me ideas. Just not sure a 1911 will take well to water (Seriously I have no clue) so I will keep it dry.
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