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Problems with Hornady Critical Defense?

This is a discussion on Problems with Hornady Critical Defense? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Retsupt99 said it all without saying the obvious. You want your firearm to work EVERYTIME? You rely on a revolver. Yes you do not get ...

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Thread: Problems with Hornady Critical Defense?

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    Retsupt99 said it all without saying the obvious. You want your firearm to work EVERYTIME? You rely on a revolver. Yes you do not get more than 5 or 6 shots at a time, but IMO, for those of us who will probably never use our firearm for SD, if you needed more than 5 or 6 shots, you are probably dead already. If believe statistics (and yes there is the what if) most altercations with firearms involve less than 5 or 6 shots.

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    I've fired 100 each through my LC9 and my G26 with no problems.I'll have to check a few from every box now.

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    I like Hornady ammo and like their quality... and jumped on the "Critical Defense" ammo when it came out.

    My Springfield XDm 40cal will shoot whatever I feed into it without a problem... but every now and then, it will have an "issue" with the "Critical Defense" ammo??

    Why... I think it is due to the polymer tip rubbing on the feed ramp just enough to jam as the next round in the magazine tries to slide up behind it? Before using the "Critical Defense", I used Hornady's TAP ammo without fail as well as many other brands (hollow points and non hollow-point).

    I like the marketing message of the "Critical Defense" ammo, but do not like the fact that it would jam every now and then... where as the TAP ammo from Hornady has NEVER jammed.

    For this reason, my everyday carry ammo is 40cal, 180gr, JHP, which is what the FBI tested and has approved... so if it's good enough for them, it is good enough for me.
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    I had one round of Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special that failed to fire, even with multiple hammer strikes -- I will admit that I was surprised, but the lesson is never to be surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walk Soft View Post
    I've fired 100 each through my LC9 and my G26 with no problems.I'll have to check a few from every box now.
    How do you like the lc9 vs the Glock for ccw. I'm considering buying the lc9. I have a M&P9c, similar to the Glock 26 and was wondering if it's worthwhile, or are they very similar feel wise.

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    I have limited experience with this ammo---the few silver primers I shot in .38 shot----the few brass primers in .45 shot; however, I will not buy the silver ones in any caliber just in case.
    I would have thought that if this was a problem, Hornady would have had a recall.

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    No problems with it in a Beretta, Walther, or Smith 38.

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    Might sound crazy, but knowing the bullet fired perfectly will not help after the fact its fired. I guess in life there is a 50/50 chance it will fire. Naturally the more of one type you fire without a issue does help, but you might go threw 100s of rounds...but there is still that 0.01% chance the round you have chambered wont fire. Brings me to my next point of practice this, assume you pull and click....nothing.....I practice this every time I go to the range, its just a motion I have built into my muscle memory. For if that time came, my body will know what to do instead of me freaking out past the Red Zone to the ShutDown Zone....but thats just my take.

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    I have problems with this round in my S&W sigma 40VE....I have fired over 1,000 rounds of other ammunition with no problems....but whenever I use Hornaday Critical Defense .40 S&W rounds they will not feed into the chamber..... not exactly the kind of round I want in my firearm for personal defense.

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    Distinguished Member Array darbo's Avatar
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    First time I saw this post. PX4 and 709, both 9mm, and had no issues through a few hundread rounds of CD

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    The ammo I trust for self defense is Speer Gold Dot in 357Sig and Federal HST in 9mm,40S&W and 45ACP. Period.

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    Good thread for this newbee here... Is it possible newer CD are better now? As I read this thread I see no one had any major issues using Federal HST so I think I'll try that next in my new XDM Compact 9mm.
    RSO, WA. XDMc 9mm, S&W 642CT & 442 38 sp, 1947 Savage 99 300,
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    I bought two boxes just to test with my SP101 and they've worked fine for me. I'm planning on moving on to other rounds, but it's not due to their reliability so far.

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    I have used it with absolutely no problems.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I have had a few failure-to-fire issues with Hornady Critical Defense .380 ammo in my S&W Bodyguard.

    Although, some of them may have be light-strikes because the double-strike feature of the BG380 managed to ignite the primer on the second trigger pull.

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