Dominate eye, and non-dominate eye aiming and shooting

This is a discussion on Dominate eye, and non-dominate eye aiming and shooting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Say you are right eye dominate and you are shooting around the right side of a barricade, using your right eye to aim, then it ...

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Thread: Dominate eye, and non-dominate eye aiming and shooting

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    Dominate eye, and non-dominate eye aiming and shooting

    Say you are right eye dominate and you are shooting around the right side of a barricade, using your right eye to aim, then it becomes necessary to shoot around
    the left side of barricade, and sticking your head out enough to use your right eye is NOT possible, EVEN if you stand way back from the barricade as to not be too close to said barricade,and be tactically sound. (Now for the question):
    Can using your left non-Dominate eye be used accurately to make hits on target?
    I have experimented with this kind of shooting, to include switching from holding gun in right hand, to holding gun in left hand modified weaver stance behind a
    barrier or barricade with some success in IDPA competition, but did not feel comfortable using my left non-dominate eye too aim.(I do keep both eyes open when shooting).
    Any thoughts on this????

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    Thoughts? Yes. Transition to your weak hand and close your dominant eye for the off side target. Range practice will help you, and since you keep both eyes open while shooting strong side dominant eye, this should be easier for you. Try shooting weak hand at the range with the non-dominant eye or both eyes open or with dominant eye. Your pistol will likely be canted more toward the dominant side naturally. For some, the transition is more difficult. Be careful transitioning on the course of fire as well so as not to get disqualified on a range violation. Muzzle awareness!
    My pistol is canted more when I shoot weak hand whether both eyes open, or weak hand dominant eye (right). That's natural, but at least you won't be needing to expose your full upper body from behind the barricade to get the shot. Only your head. Hits count. Time? I always try to beat my previous times. But if I don't hit a target the first time, that costs me more at the end of the course. Like I said....hits count....and you can shave off your times later. Competition is one of the best ways to realize where you are and where you want to be. Use them as a tool and not something to attain in short order. Everyone in competition goes at their own pace. You're sponsoring yourself and you're furthering your education. Between matches, you'll know what to concentrate on for your personal range days. The only one you need to impress is yourself. Grow with that in mind.

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    practice. i was basicly forced into learning to use my right hand as my strong side (i'm naturaly a lefty). after our daughter was born, i would instinctly carry her in my left arm, strong side. how would i be able to draw if i have her in my arm. so i bought a right hand iwb crossbreed and practiced draw and shooting with my right hand. now i can say i really dont have a weak side. i am completely confindent in drawing and firing with either hand and either eye.

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