What percentage CCW in your state???

What percentage CCW in your state???

This is a discussion on What percentage CCW in your state??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was doing some research on my state, this morning. I was curious to find out what percentage, in my state, have permits. What I ...

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Thread: What percentage CCW in your state???

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    What percentage CCW in your state???

    I was doing some research on my state, this morning. I was curious to find out what percentage, in my state, have permits. What I found, I don't profess to be perfect 100%, it just gave me an idea, of how many of us are out there. Appoximately 4.2million, live in SC, by talking to certain individuals, including my CCW instructor, I found that less than 70,000 CCW permits have been issued. Assuming all these permits are still valid, that's less than 2%, of the total state population. I was shocked to see the percentage so low. Anyone know figures for their state.
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    As I can understand it, Missouri runs about the same percentage. However, many people went for out-of-state permits when a couple of Missouri counties refused to accept applications for a period of time, and even more went with the OOS permits to have them as soon as CCW became law in MO.
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    Texas is barely over 1 percent of population

    However, to get a true percentage, you would have to exclude the following from the population count, as they are unable to get a permit.

    1) Anyone under 21 years of age.
    2) Anyone who is not a permanent resident alien or citizen. So, no illegals or people here on non-immigrant visas.
    3) Anyone behind on their taxes.
    4) Anyone convicted of a felony
    5) Any one convicted of a misdemeanour in the recent past.
    6) Anyone awaiting trial for 4 or 5.
    7) Anyone with a restraining order against their spouse
    8) Anyone being treated for mental illness.

    And so on. So, that means that the figures are quite a bit higher. Certainly not where they should be, but still a step in the right direction.

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    Fragman must have paid attention in stat's class !!!
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    I think whether or not one should be excluding the non-eligible part of the population depends on which answer you are looking for.
    Fragman's approach is correct if you want a good guess how accepted the concept of CCW is in your state.
    If, OTOH, you want to estimate how likely a criminal is to face armed resistance, you need to look at the whole population.
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    I found this on the web. Some of these are surprising numbers to me.
    Percent of Adults with a License to Carry in each Shall Issue State:

    7.45% South Dakota
    6.79% Indiana
    6.76% Pennsylvania
    5.23% Connecticut
    5.12% Washington
    4.34% Idaho
    4.10% Utah
    3.86% Oregon
    3.45% Tennessee
    3.15% Alabama
    2.72% Florida
    2.71% Kentucky
    2.67% Wyoming
    2.41% Maine
    2.18% Arkansas
    2.11% Virginia
    1.94% West Virginia
    1.76% Arizona
    1.75% Oklahoma
    1.70% Montana
    1.70% Michigan
    1.62% Texas
    1.39% South Carolina
    1.34% North Dakota
    1.00% North Carolina
    0.86% Mississippi
    0.62% Louisiana
    0.58% Nevada
    0.45% Minnesota
    0.36% Missouri
    0.33% Ohio
    0.20% Colorado
    0.17% New Mexico
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    I think South Dakota is slightly higher than 7.45. We have about 47,000 permit holders, and the last estimate I've seen is 776,000 population. 18 is the youngest age that you can get a permit, and I believe we have nearly 500,000 people over the age of 18. I would guess we are closer to 9 percent of the adult population.
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    Those figures are about right for Florida. But we have one of the fastest growing populations in the nation. Many folks who are moving here, especially to south Florida are liberals to start with. I'm so thankful to Jeb that he's signed so many PRO-GUN laws into effect in the last few months! I think we have a couple hundred thousand permits in the state. The BG's have gotten pretty astute at spotting those folks who are carrying, it seems. I guess the wolf can just sense the presence of the sheepdog.
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    I don't know what the population of Ohio is, but we have approx. 72,000 CHL's out there. We've only had concealed carry since 4/8/04 though. Once we get "plain sight" removed, I look for the numbers to gain rapidly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimp
    I found this on the web. Some of these are surprising numbers to me.
    I am going from memory here, but I believe the numbers quoted were from 2003. The source for this data is a gentleman on the WA-CCW yahoo group and it includes all permits holders, not just the subset that actually CCW regularly. Many folks get their permit just to avoid the waiting period when purchasing firearms.

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    Yes indeed, at over 6% PA is well up there. I have a graphic somewhere showing the rise over approx 2000 to 2003 or so - steady rise.

    I inquired of my local Sheriff's office a good while back and in my small (50,000 pop) county - they processed about 100 per week a year or so ago. Even including renewals - that is good
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    you know that is good to hear about so many people carrying....but as long as they are not stupid about it and give the rest of us a bad name i like to see those numbers growing. but with the younger crowds being as they are that can also get kinda scary. but again as long as they are responsible about it and how they use the gun.....IM ALL 4 IT! =o)

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    I live in colorado , crimp covered all imho
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    Fragman covered TX, but here its getting to be a PITA to buy guns (slow to come in from manufacturers) and ammo (price increases). Everybody just stocking up?
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    CA population as of the census of 2000: 33,871,648 people...ccw's as of 2004, 42,453 people. that comes out to 0.00125% of the population. Sucks living here..but i recently got approved!

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