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Thank You Brady Campaign!!!!

This is a discussion on Thank You Brady Campaign!!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OUTSTANDING Matt!!!! I love it!...

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Thread: Thank You Brady Campaign!!!!

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    OUTSTANDING Matt!!!!

    I love it!
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    Great Job Matt
    Philip L. McCleary
    Security via CCW
    and a lot of practice
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    we tell the police where to go and they have
    to do it. Policy manual says so.

    de N4LNE

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    Very good letter.

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    I bow to your greatness!!

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    Matt! Thanks! A Friend of mine coming down from Bama to shoot the Florida State IDPA Match saw it and was cussing himself for not having a camera with him so he could share it with us. I'll pass it along to everybody in our club.
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    Great, Matt! I think Arizona deserves a billboard like that as well. Maybe I will write and request one.
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    Ma Turnpike

    We need one for the Ma Turnpike just before entering Boston.

    JimB (i'm 30 miles west of the compound, oh i mean Boston)

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    Great Job Matt,
    It’s funny that every once in a while a “mush for brains liberal” will do the right thing by mistake.
    "Hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have."
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    Seeing that sign, makes me want to go on vacation in FLORIDA
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    i wonder where to get those neat grips.....
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

    " water, my friend."

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    Would you please send them a note asking if they could send a couple of those nice billboards to MI, one on I-69 and one on each end of I-94 would be nice. Better yet send me a e mail and I will ask them my self

    Dear Brady Campaign:
    I recently took notice of your excellent sign on I-75 in Florida. What a wonderful idea, warning the criminal element that the local's can defend their self against assault, murder, rape and robbery. Those of us in Michigan who have similar legislation on the books would love to see some of those signs posted as well. So if you could please post one at the southern MI border of I-69, and several at the east and west boarders, on the I-94 exchange to warn all the drug traffickers in the Detroit and Chicago area when they enter our state. As in Florida those who do not heed your warning will be dealt with accordingly.

    One more thing have they taken down the one on I-75 yet?
    Last edited by Sheldon J; July 4th, 2006 at 11:40 AM.
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    i hope they leave it there.

    maybe it'll make the criminals and anti's think twice before moving here.

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    Great letter! I doubt they will get the irony though.
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    Florida (The Gunshine State)

    Suggestion for another sign...

    Or maybe "Welcome to the murder capital of the United States, where honest citizens cannot defend themselves"

    etc., etc.
    Last edited by profshadow; July 4th, 2006 at 04:43 PM.
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