GA vs NC License

GA vs NC License

This is a discussion on GA vs NC License within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So i've been holding off getting my license to carry for some time now. I was about to get one about a year ago and ...

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Thread: GA vs NC License

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    GA vs NC License

    So i've been holding off getting my license to carry for some time now. I was about to get one about a year ago and it was pointed out to me that my knowledge of carrying laws was grossly inadequacy. I had pretty much just decided that on turning 21 i'd get my license and that was that. Thanks to some guidance i realized that even though by law i could get my license to carry concealed, i was not ready nor mature enough to have one.
    I've spent a a fair amount of time studying gun laws, and know understand it much better. Where as it was something i just wanted to do, i now know why i want to carry and the limitations and responsibility's that puts on me. A license to carry is just that, not a license to act like a cop. Although there is a great deal of responsibility that goes along with carrying, I feel like if we don't exercise our right to carry, we run the risk of losing the right to do so. I feel strongly about this and all our rights given to us when this nation was formed.
    Now that i've stated this, i've come asking for advice once more:
    I recently moved to GA, but i'll only be here for 9months and than i'm not sure where i'll be living, but there's a good chance i'll be living either back in NC or in FL. Now, assuming that i've read and understood the GA law correctly, GA recognizes CC permits from both of those states. Would the reverse be true as well?
    Should i get my license here in GA or wait until i move in 9months to get my license. As it is now, i've left all my firearms at my house in NC and only brought a handgun with me, which i take to the range every now and again.
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    Get a Florida permit. It will cover you for Florida (of course), Georgia, and North Carolina. If you get a Georgia permit, once you move and become a resident somewhere else, your GA permit will be invalid. GA does not issue non-resident permits. Florida will cover all of them.
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    For the period you're talking about wait till you get to your final destination. There are states such as SC that will not honor non resident permits and you will gain a lot more value from taking the class that is pertinent to your state. If you come back to NC then you will need the NC class and it's about 50% NC law on use of deadly force and concealed carry law.

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