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This is a discussion on One in the chamber within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Often it is a decision between fashion and concealment. I wear a 92FS at three o'clock with little to no printing, but I dress for ...

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Thread: One in the chamber

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    Often it is a decision between fashion and concealment. I wear a 92FS at three o'clock with little to no printing, but I dress for that purpose.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmtbracer View Post
    Well I met when I get home and it's still in my pocket. I absolutely have in locked away when it's not on me I never leave a loaded gun just laying around. Plus I got one of those nifty gun vaults.

    But my concern is I was always taught never point a gun loaded or not unless your planning on shooting. But I guess it's fine if it's holstered? I just have to adjust to the fact if it's in my pocket in may point at someone
    If you have a gun made in the second half of the 20th century or newer, if no one is touching the trigger or accelerating it at 100 Gs, it's not going to go off by itself. Your concern for the muzzle direction is commendable, but holstered guns (e.g., in horizontal shoulder holsters) invariably will have their muzzles pointed in the direction of things we don't want destroyed. If the trigger is undisturbed and the gun is not being handled, it's not going to discharge by itself.
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    Yep. ^^ [gasmitty]

    A gun holstered at your side in an FBI cant type holster will have it's bore pointing rearward of you at the feet and legs of who ever is directly behind you at any given moment in space & time.
    A holster that is a dead drop type will always be pointing at people directly beneath you such as when riding an escalator or when walking up a stair in the mall.
    As noted by Guantes very many shoulder and belly band holsters will by function of their design result in the bore being pointed in the direction of persons around you.
    And if you use an appendix type holster or a 'Smart Carry' brand holster then the bore will be pointing at your own body as well.

    It is not humanly possible to avoid this in a 95th percentile way;Unless you either live in a flat world that has no secondary levels (straight drop holster) or you choose to never carry nor keep a gun at all as even when cased for transport or as stored in a safe the bore WILL at some time be pointing in the direction of something or someone you do not wish to destroy.

    Thus comes the item of operational context and intent.
    Do you intend to be safe with your firearms?
    If so, then as in what context of operation?

    This requires thought as beyond the very basics as are told and taught to fol under the premise of 'range safety' rules.
    Range safety rules dictate that the bore should not be pointed at anything you do not wish to destroy as under _any circumstance_.
    This is what you and most commonly folk are thinking.
    As related to arms though that are not intended to be used within the context of a range AND that are specifically involved with being holstered with specific intent for carry, then the operational rules of bore line do in fact change due to context.

    You would learn this and more in a properly instructed Basic Pistol and/or Introduction to Concealed Carry course.

    With respect.

    - Janq

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackn View Post
    I'm trying to avoid the "box of holsters" that so many people end up with!
    If you figure out a foolproof way to do that, please let us know! I've tried for years, and all it has gotten me is more, bigger boxes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLeVick View Post
    If you figure out a foolproof way to do that, please let us know! I've tried for years, and all it has gotten me is more, bigger boxes!
    I'm sure I'm doomed like the rest of us. I have two Blackhawks and an Alessi APX, and I'm already thinking about another one! Oh well.

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    Always have a round in the chamber...the gun is almost always on my person and in a worries!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Whats going to stop your kid from racking the slide like they see on TV ever time a gun is picked up....

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    For me my EDC stay's on me till i goto bed... I too have a littleone , but she knows not to touch and if she a handgun she comes and get and adult...
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    I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world."

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    One in the chamber at all times.

    IMO less handling is safer. I'd rather keep one in the pipe than be clearing my guns all the time. Furthermore I'd rather not have to pause to recall whether or not I need to rack the slide at the moment of truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Always have a round in the chamber...the gun is almost always on my person and in a worries!

    No kids or little ones, no worries in that department either.

    It's all about comfort/confidence level and education. Before I took CCW classes, I only felt comfortable leaving my HD handgun in Condition 3. With expierence and education I progressed to Condition 1.
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    I carry my LCP all the time in a pocket holster with one in the chamber. You will build confidence as you continue to carry.....just don't ever get complacent or careless. Enjoy the forum and welcome
    "A free people ought to be armed." - George Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Always have a round in the chamber...the gun is almost always on my person and in a worries!
    Same here. If my pistol is not in contact with me, it's unloaded and/or locked up. Muzzle awareness only comes into play for me when the pistol is in my hands. If you are ever unsure, or not at ease carrying a pistol with a round in the chamber (ready), then there are some things you might do to assess the situation or the mind block. Be sure of, and have confidence in your gear (holster and placement). Be sure of, and have confidence in your pistol (all the inherent, or external safeties, and in good mechanical condition). Assess the circumstances you'll be in in the near future (if you have children and might be rough-housing it on the couch I'd say it's time to take it off and put it some place safe, and make it safe). Realize that only the mechanical manipulation of your pistol should cause it to fire i.e.......pulling the trigger, (forget about x-rays, aliens, standing too close to the microwave, etc.......). Once you have confidence in all of those things, you won't be worried about where the muzzle is pointed. If you can't somehow seem to rule over the circumstances, and have peace of mind, then I'd say there isn't much more I could tell you. No sense in you worrying yourself with suppositions, nor being uncomfortable to the point you can't interact or exist in a normal way. We each choose our own path, and we all make decisions on a daily basis. I've said it before, and I'll say it again........concealed carry dictates a change in life. May be dramatic for some, and less for others. But it will change you no matter what, and it should. Not everyone is ready for the change. Lots of folks will be plenty happy with the permit alone. I'm not here to ask questions nor judge anyone.

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    I too have kids at home and at first was very uncomfortable going from my revolver to a semi with one in the chamber. For the first few weeks I carried without one in the chamber. Then 1 day I racked the slide and from then on always have one in. I too pocket carry in a holster and ALWAYS make sure when I sit it is positioned down far enough that there can be no accident. Some will say if you don't pull the trigger it won't go bang. I don't want to be the exception one day. Just saw something on TV a week ago about Remington (I think) rifle that there were many reports of it firing without touching the trigger.

    At home when I take it off I leave one in but it goes in a small safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmtbracer View Post
    Do you guys always have one in the chamber?
    Whenever I have the gun active as a defensive weapon, a round is always chambered. Holstered or not, if it's out of the safe and not otherwise being cleaned or transported somewhere, then it's loaded and ready to go.

    I have two kids and wonder if I should unload it at home.
    Depends on your "routine" for being armed, transferring your active defensive weapon(s) to and from the safe. With kids, you've got to be very particular about controlling your guns that aren't actually on your person, whereas folks without children and/or others in the home can have multiple guns loaded and active around the home without so much concern as children require.

    Whatever else you do, be sure to gun-proof your kids so that they know what to do around firearms, know when not to touch them, know to call an adult to the area when finding a gun, etc. IMO, this is just as important as how you control your guns. Why? Quite simply, because you're not going to always be able to be there when your children are around guns. At some point, one or more of them is going to find one, be shown one by somebody, or be involved with them (ie, in cub scouts, whatever). It's important to know that your kids know exactly what not to do when around firearms.

    Myself, I don't have children in the house. So, you might say it's a bit simpler. My active defensive gun is on me while I'm awake. It's loaded and ready to go. If I have a firearm that's out of the safe and not otherwise being cleaned or prepared for transport, they're loaded and ready to go. Otherwise, inactive guns are unloaded and in the safe, with ammo stored separately.

    I pocket carry sometimes and when I sit it may be pointing at someone. I have it in a holster and when I sit I try to point it down. Should I worry about this kind of thing? What do you guys do?
    Not an issue. A HOLSTERED gun in the pocket, on the hip or in the shoulder holster isn't a threat to anyone. Bummer to have the muzzle technically "sweep" someone as you're sitting down (with the legs presumably at 90deg.). But it's holstered. It's not as though the trigger's going anywhere; or, with a revolver, it's not as though the cylinder's going to be turning. Think of it: all day long, a pocket-carried gun is pointing at your feet. But there's no real threat, as it's holstered. Not to worry, until handling it.
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    I always carry a round chambered. This has been discussed to death, but the fact is that you may not have a free hand to rack the slide or you may be on your back fighting off an attacker, etc. Not to mention that you may fail to rack the slide with enough force to chamber the round reliably.

    That being said, all of my guns are loaded in my house. I have two daughters (5 and 2). My older one knows not to touch my guns, but I have absolutely no confidence that she will not touch it. Which is why the gun is either on my person or in a safe like the GunVault. I could not live with myself if an accident happened.

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